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GoodBulb's UFO LED High Bays are disc-shaped luminaire systems with a flat housing and optics, configured to deliver optimal light distribution over a given area, without being forced to rely upon bulky reflectors. And they look like little UFOs. You know, like from outer space? That kind of UFO. Yes, really... just look for yourself!

A 100 watt GoodBulb UFO LED High Bay offers elevated brightness over your old, rickety (and power-hungry) 400 watt metal halides, all while saving you SO MUCH MONEY on energy costs with each fixture you install. What's more, is that your maintenance cost is reduced to basically zero, thanks to the UFO High Bay's increased efficiency and performance. These are dimmable fixtures that can be easily installed. Beyond their function in warehouses and other industrial locations, these are really cool lights for retail, restaurants, or other open areas.

Aliens not included.

Did You Know?

Ancient Egyptians used light fixtures. It's true! Not light fixtures as you and I would recognize them today, obviously, but light fixtures all the same.

Light Bulb Moment

Breaking from what society sees as a light fixture by modern standards, ancient Egyptians most likely utilized a technology known as a floating wick. This lighting technology works by floating a wick in a vessel filled with a slow-burning, flammable oil, like vegetable oil. This would allow spaces not privy to an abundance of natural light during the daytime, or any occupied space after sunset, to benefit from a long-lasting and efficient (given that point in history) lamp!

Obviously not the safest of technologies, an open flame in any space increases the likelihood of causing devastation in any setting - a cause GoodBulb works toward resolving every day in the form of helping to eliminate dependency on kerosene lanterns as sources of light around the world. We must give credit, however, to the resourcefulness of humans, both past and present. We cannot run until we learn to walk, and an open flame light fixture is just one stepping stone in our history which has made LED technology a possibility!

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