Great Product

Our Xtreme life LED’s are America’s best & longest lasting light bulbs.

Interesting People

We will be the light that brightens your day.  The customer is the heart of this organization.


We freakin’ LOVE the environment and we will do our part to make it better.

A Brighter Future

GoodBulb will manufacture the world’s greatest LEDs in Fargo North Dakota.

The GoodBulb Difference

We believe a light bulb can be more than just a light bulb.
Light is necessary for Americans to prosper.
Tougher, longer-life, sustainable bulbs will positively impact our future environment and your financial well-being.

Our Collections

A collection of the longest lasting, toughest, prettiest light bulbs in America.

Watch as LED pays tribute to a nostalgic incandescent light bulb casting a symphony of light.

Unmatched clarity with our incandescent sparkle chandelier LEDs. Evoking timeless charm, each filament shines like stars.

Revolutionizing efficiency, with every LED purchase, you're not just purchasing luminosity, you are investing in your property's prosperity.

We started GoodBulb in 2015 to make a difference. Unintentionally, a brand was born. Times have changed, we have been listening to our customers concerns and we agree…the way light bulbs are manufactured and sold is just wrong.  Our mission is to become America’s light bulb company. A light bulb can be engineered to last.  A light bulb will be manufactured in North Dakota, USA.

We have found our home in the light.

Tom Enright
Founder GoodBulb
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