No Bad Bulbs
At GoodBulb, our LEDs are made for optimum energy savings and long-lasting light.
Lumen Masters
The GoodBulb Lumen Masters are your go-to experts in energy saving audits, rebates, lighting layouts, and all your lighting needs.
You Will Save Money
Long-lasting bulbs and factory direct pricing gives you the best quality for the best value.
Good Causes
Every purchase you make with GoodBulb helps bring light to families who live without electricity.
GoodBulb was born from a simple mantra: Be Good. Just two words but packed with meaning that has guided us on a journey for over two decades in the lighting industry. During that time, we've seen other lighting corporations purposefully manufacturing Bad Bulbs. This wastes the earth's natural resources & wastes your money so they can sell more low-quality light bulbs. At GoodBulb we believe - that's just not right.
We believe light is power, beauty, & possibility.
Light has the unique ability to capture emotion, register movement, engage the senses, and illustrate ideas. Lightbulbs can be made to last for thousands of hours and burn bright in ways that conserve energy and resources. We believe you deserve honesty and quality when it comes to your light. The world is evolving. It's time the lightbulb industry does the same.
At GoodBulb we believe there's a bright future to come for all of us
A time where the power of light reaches its full potential & helps make a difference in the world. Light that fits our lives, emotions, and dreams. We have gone from horse and buggy to automotive wonders yet, for all this progress we've managed to ignore light supporting these other lighting corporations that are destroying the earth and engineering products to fail for more then 100 years.
For decades, the lighting industry has used planned obsolescence to control how long light bulbs last and engineering them to burn out so you forced to buy more. At GoodBulb, we believe in a better way.
  • Designed to last longer
  • Designed to save more energy
  • Designed to provide better light
  • Manufactured to burn out faster
  • Waste natural resources
  • Costs you money and time
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Meet The Lumen
A Lumen Master at GoodBulb is a trained lighting specialist who cares more about helping others than just making sales. They understand that purchasing light bulbs is not easy and there are more bulbs than you can imagine. Start shopping for light and if you have questions we are here to help.
Changing The World,
GoodBulb guarantees you longer-lasting lightbulbs. But did you know when you shop GoodBulb you're also bringing light to others? Every purchase brings light to communities who live without electricity, water & economic stability. 1 in 7 live without electricity and we believe light is a piece of the puzzle that can change a life, provide education, and help families thrive.
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