Fixing mistakes from our past and present will not be easy, but it can be done.

We created GoodBulb with the intention of distinguishing it from the competition. GoodBulb represents a collection of ideas and lessons learned throughout our two-decade journey in the light bulb industry

Imagine This

How much mercury has spilled into land and water from light bulbs?

How much mercury has spilled into land and water from bad bulbs? 

Many pounds of waste has been caused by planned obsolescence.

How many pounds of landfill waste are from bad bulbs? 

How many toxins are in bad bulbs that unknowingly affect you and your loved ones each day?

How many toxins are In bad bulbs that unknowingly affect you and your loved ones, every day?

Our History
For the past 120 years the lighting industry has been ruled by major brands that destroyed companies making good, longer life light bulbs. TheGoodBulb team is ready. We will fight the good fight.



Shelby Electric manufactured light bulbs that could burn for 1 million hours. Some are still burning today. The fall of Shelby was the dawn of Planned Obsolescence.



General Electric, Osram, Philips among others formed one corporation whose sole purpose was to shorten the life hours of a light bulb while raising prices without fear of competetition

2000 - 2015


LEDs begin to emerge. Ecommerce and the internet expose America to 1000s of bad bulb options shipped direct from China. The Pheobus Cartel goes back to it’s old ways, shortening the life of LEDs.

2015 - Present


GoodBulb emerges as a collection of the brightest minds in light bulbs, ecommerce, customer service, and technology. GoodBulb begins to design and spec a new generation of LEDs built with quality components

The Future


We need quality control. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. We will attack the Phoebus Cartel with everything we have. GoodBulb will be the only light bulb factory in America and it will happen in Fargo, North Dakota.

About the Founder

In 2001 Tom Enright started selling long life light bulbs door to door in Chicago. It wasn’t long before he was traveling the country teaching others how to sell light bulbs. In 2004, Tom found his home in Fargo North Dakota where he met the love of his life, and they married in 2006.

In 2007 Tom wanted to build an ecommerce store for the light bulb company that he worked for. To his surprise, he was told the only way to sell quality light bulbs is door to door and over the phone. In 2009, 6 months after his first child was born, Tom started his first light bulb website with very little money and 4 pallets of bulbs. The bad bulbs won again, for that website imploded. Tom went back to door-to-door sales until 2012 when he launched his second website, the same year his second child was born. This domain was a success. Tom was shipping light bulbs 24/7 all over the country.

In 2013, Tom’s son was diagnosed with a rare, devastating form of seizures. For the next 2 years, Tom and his wife traveled for medical treatment while juggling their growing business. During this time, they unexpectedly lost both of their fathers before their son experienced a miracle. He was healed and the Lord told Tom that his boy was going to be OK. This moment changed everything for the Enright family.
Tom and his amazing wife made the intentional choice to develop ways to give back. Tom and his family’s energy fuel the GoodBulb mission, their home, and countless others around them. In 2015 the idea of GoodBulb was born out of faith, integrity, knowledge, and most importantly, heart. Tom says we started this company to make a difference, but it’s become our responsibility to provide the American people with a choice to buy a better-quality product that is manufactured in the USA.