the heart of our why

is a simple statement


We care about our future
we care about our planet
we care about our people

To do good we must first be good.

Providing Light to people who live without electricity is why we sell light Bulbs.

We believe making a difference will create a brighter future where the power, beauty, and possibility of light reaches its full potential. Light that fits our lives, emotions, and dreams.

1 in 7 people do not have access to electricity

1.6 billion people live without light after the sunset.

16% of the global population relies on kerosene.

(when they can afford it)

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Those who live without electricity rely on kerosene lanterns

Costs 30% of their income

Equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day

Emits harmful CO2 emissions

Kerosene Is the #1 cause for devastating fires in remote villages, destroying homes and endangering lives.

The Impact Of Your GoodBulb Partnership 

GoodBulb desires to provide energy efficient lighting products while providing Good Savings, Good Education, and supporting Good Causes. 

Good Savings

Eliminating kerosene lanterns will save money, save homes, and save
lives from the damage of kerosene smoke.

Good Education

Parents will have money for tuition, students can study, and learning does not stop when the sun goes down.

Good Causes

Giving light to those who are living in a moment of darkness.

Good Products

GoodBulb solar lanterns eliminate the reliance on kerosene reducing CO2 emissions and our carbon

Where we Give

GoodBulb goes to Uganda

Color can unite, inspire, spread love, and shed a tear

The GoodBulb Promise

With every light bulb you purchase, GoodBulb is providing life changing solutions to families in America and around the globe.

An adult makes 35,000 Conscious decisions every single day.  A young child makes 3,000 decisions every single day. A conscious decision is a choice.  


We make choices on food, in social media, with family, with strangers, and our companies. We have been given the gorgeous gift of free will.  Each choice we make carries a consequence – good, bad or indifferent. 


Choices you make every single day inspire others to make a good choice or a bad choice.


I believe you can change 1-5 choices every single day to make a difference. I believe when I smile at a stranger, that stranger will smile at another. 


I believe you will choose GoodBulb.