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Where To Use A PAR LED Bulb

PAR (short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) are bulbs with a "spot light" feature. They provide a beam spread that is typically lower than 45°. Use PAR bulbs when attempting to put a focused beam of light on an object such as in track lighting or illuminating artwork. PAR spot lights also work great as outdoor security lighting. With such a wide selection of PAR bulbs, there are many types of applications including theatrical lighting, museum lighting, film lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, flood lighting, exterior landscaping, and even automotive applications. Not only is there a wide difference in shape, but there is a substantial range of lumen outputs to provide an extreme bright light when needed.

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The GoodBulb Promise

To be good. To make good choices. Every day I woke up as a child and every day my parents said, “Be Good Tommy”. Most days I was not very good and my parents were pissed. I spent way too much time in the principal's office and I found myself having more fun when I wasn’t being so good. That is when we make the best memories. I can still see Sister Mary's face when I was hanging upside down from the restroom stall dividers as we raced to see who could climb them the fastest. It's ok to be bad every once in a while, but take care of your body and be good to the ones you love.

When it comes to light bulbs, I don’t mess around. We will only deliver the most innovative LEDs available. A GoodBulb LED is a high-quality product that is manufactured to perfection.

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GoodBulb is changing where and “WHY” the USA buys lighting. Big Brands have installed planned obsolescence into every light bulb for the past 100 years. We don’t think this is right and it’s why we started to manufacture GoodBulb LEDs. You deserve a product that will last

GoodBulb LED

Our Bulbs Are F#@king Great


GoodBulb LED

Buy A Light, Be A Light.

16% of the world's population still lives without electricity. GoodBulb believes we all have the opportunity to create a positive impact. Join us in choosing to buy quality products that help you create that positive impact in the world. Those who live without electricity often rely on kerosene lanterns. These are inefficient, expensive, and dangerous. In fact, Kerosene is the #1 cause for devastating fires in remote villages, destroying homes and endangering lives. With every light bulb you purchase, GoodBulb provides solar lanterns to families who live without electricity.

LED bulbs not only bring down your energy bills but are also more environmentally friendly when compared to incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). LED bulbs contribute the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of all lighting sources. LED bulbs consume less power per unit of light emitted. This reduces greenhouse emissions from power plants. Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs are also low. One LED bulb will minimize greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton. For example, an incandescent bulb results in 4,500 pounds of CO2 annually, while LED bulbs contribute just 451 pounds of CO2 per year. LED lighting can last up to 20 years, this longer life decreases the production of more bulbs, reducing the greenhouse emissions created by the manufacturing process.

LEDs have the best light distribution by focusing light in one direction as opposed to other types of lighting that waste energy by emitting light in all directions. Fewer LED bulbs are needed to achieve the same level of brightness given off by other forms of bulbs. Less bulbs reduce energy consumption and benefit the environment.

LEDs generate less heat during use so cooling costs are much lower. Incandescent bulbs release 90% of the energy as heat. While LED bulbs release 5% of the energy as heat and the rest is made into light. LEDs also contain ZERO mercury, unlike CFLs.

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