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Mister or MR?

MR, in the case of lighting, stands for Multifaceted Reflector and is a light bulb with a pressed glass reflector within its housing. This reflector is made up of small facets on its surface and is then covered by a reflective coating. This reflective surface provides optical control by gathering the light from the filament, or diodes in the case of LEDs, to create a concentrated beam of light. The MR bulb focuses its light output into a single focal point, making it an ideal choice for installation in track lights, recessed lights, and even landscape lighting! Originally introduced as halogen bulbs, MRs have most recently been manufactured as energy-efficient LED alternatives. The creative application possibilities are endless with MR bulbs, however, the many different shapes and sizes can lead to some head-scratching. Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or live chat with any questions you may have about these versatile little bulbs!

Did You Know?

Since blue LEDs have a strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens, they are now being used in refrigerators to help keep food fresh!

Light Bulb Moment

The "Mona Lisa" is illuminated at the Louvre Museum in Paris by a system of 34 LED bulbs, created by Toshiba. These LEDs can be adjusted to enhance the natural colors found within the painting and simultaneously minimize UV and IR rays, which are damaging to the centuries-old artwork. Curators at the museum worked with Toshiba to find the optimal lighting to enhance the colors of the painting, which have faded over time. The "Mona Lisa" was painted by Leonardo DaVinci in the early 16th century, and in 2012, officials revealed that the painting was completed more than a decade later than originally thought, setting a new date stamp for the piece at around 1519. Shining a modern light on this famous piece of history has helped to breathe new life into Mona's signature smile. Toshiba was making some really good LEDs back in the day. It's a shame they no longer make light bulbs.

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