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I have never visited the high bay but I do love going to the bay high. That is a good day.

GoodBulb's LED High Bay fixtures apply to any large area with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet. Usually found in warehouses, factories, and hangars, LED High Bay fixtures are the ideal replacement for your less efficient fluorescent models. Easy installation, and consistent uniform light output, from fixtures in difficult-to-reach places, means less time worrying about maintenance, and LED technology means saving up to 85% on energy costs.

Did You Know?

Ancient Egyptians used light fixtures. It's true! Not light fixtures as you and I would recognize them today, obviously, but light fixtures all the same.

A distinct lack of electricity (given it had not yet been discovered) meant that ancient civilizations had to rely upon other natural sources, and some creative ingenuity, to illuminate their world when the sun went down. As demonstrated by the cult of Osiris, which required the use of light to worship their God. Ancient Egyptians most likely utilized a technology known as a floating wick. This lighting technology works by floating a wick in a vessel filled with a slow-burning, flammable oil, like vegetable oil. This would allow spaces not privy to an abundance of natural light to benefit from a long-lasting and efficient (given that point in history) lamp!

Light Bulb Moment

I was about to write something truly amazing here but I just got high and I forgot it. 😉

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