Going Green for COVID-19

Businesses and homes across the country are using green light to honor victims of the coronavirus COVID-19 

There is a new way we can all show support for the victims of COVID-19, safely from the confines of quarantine: a beacon of green light.
It began in Kentucky, where Governor Andy Beshear asked Kentuckians to follow his lead and turn their homes green as a way to honor victims who have fallen to the virus. 
“Green is the color of compassion,” Kentucky radio station WBKR reported

“Consequently, Governor Beshear has taken steps to not only light the outside of the Governor’s Mansion green, but he has also asked the same thing to happen at the Kentucky State Capitol.”


The idea caught on, with Governor Beshear later tweeting, “I see your homes lit green, just like mine, and I know those most in need do too.” 

This is not the first time green light has been used as a symbol of compassion and solidarity. Last year, residents of Haverton, PA used green light to show support for three highschoolers dealing with cancer, saying the light was also to support anyone dealing with cancer. Last May, Charlotte, NC used green light to honor the victims of the deadly UNC Charlotte shooting. 

At GoodBulb, we have long offered green lights as a way to honor veterans, part of the Greenlight A Vet campaign that launched in 2015.

“Green is the color of hope, renewal and well-being,” writes the Greenlight A Vet campaign. “‘Greenlight’ is also a term commonly used to activate forward movement.”

Today, as the world faces the global crisis of COVD-19, we are once again employing the solidarity of the green light to symbolize compassion, hope, and forward movement. Compassion for the victims who have fallen and the loved ones who are grieving the loss. Hope for the valiant efforts of our healthcare workers, for the individual decisions of citizens to stay home and keep others safe, and for a new beginning after this is over. And forward movement into a future where we will reunite with each other, re-open the doors of our businesses, and fully appreciate the life and the communities we are building together.

Will you join us in going #Green4Covid?

If so, click this link. Let’s light up the world with hope together.

Note: Whenever you shop with GoodBulb you are not only supporting small business — we’re proudly homegrown in Fargo, North Dakota — you are also supporting our mission to provide light to families who live without electricity. To see our mission in action, click here (and grab a tissue.)  

GoodBulb founder Tom Enright delivering solar lanterns to schools in Uganda