Incandescent Light Bulbs

good bye incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent means to emit light as a result of being heated, and that is exactly how an incandescent light bulb works. It gives off light when the filament is heated by the current of electricity that powers the fixture it is installed in. There are several different types of incandescent bulbs, ranging in shape from the standard A-shape, what is typically thought of when light bulbs are mentioned, to decorative flame tipped shapes, and even globe shaped bulbs that light up the marquee at your favorite movie theater. Incandescent light bulbs have benefited mankind for more than a century, and have paved the way for new, and more efficient lighting technologies to emerge. Until the day that incandescent bulbs are no longer in production, however, GoodBulb is the place to find the right incandescent bulb for your needs! 

Bulb types

Standard A Shape

This refers to the teardrop shape most commonly associated with light bulbs. The most popular A-shape bulbs are A19, A21, and A15, which are generally used in lamps, ceiling fans, appliances, and other everyday household fixtures


Edison-style or antique bulbs which are modeled after lights made in the 1800s. These bulbs give great character to any space and are increasing in popularity for uses in residential settings, restaurants, and just about anywhere decorative lighting is called for!

C bulbs

Christmas lights! C7 and C9 shapes are the most commonly used bulbs for applications like outdoor Christmas lighting, night lights, and signs.

Decorative Chandelier

These little bulbs have a huge variety of uses. As their name suggests, they are used in chandeliers, as well as wall sconces and anywhere else one might enjoy the flame tip or torpedo shape of these pretty bulbs. Designed to replicate the flames of a candle, these decorative chandelier bulbs create atmosphere and mood lighting depending on their application. Take a look at the great assortment that GoodBulb carries!·  


A perfect sphere that glows, globe bulbs are found in vanities, bathrooms, holiday lighting, and string lighting, and are a beautiful option for decorative lighting in any home setting.

Grow Lights

Help your indoor plants reach their greatest potential with the most natural light we can offer, aside from the sun. Perfect for indoor gardens and greenhouses, grow lights provide a pure environment to help advance your seedlings to prosperous and mature plants.

Heat Lamps

Infrared light aids in  increases  and reduces inflammation. It also helps keep you warm in your bathroom, and your food warm at your favorite restaurant. They even warm your pet lizard’s favorite rock, so he can chase down his crickets a little quicker for dinner. Need I say more?

Low Voltage and High Voltage Bulbs

12V and 24V bulbs for use in your camper so you don’t run the battery down. 230V and 277V for industrial, warehouse, hotels, and hospitals, so there is plenty of light to reach every corner.

Microwave Bulbs

Most people these days have a microwave. In order to see when your leftovers are done, you may need to replace the light in there once in a while. That’s where GoodBulb comes in!

Pool Lights

Who doesn’t like a midnight swim? Pool lighting helps illuminate the water to emphasize the space and helps keep you and your guests safe while you swim.

S-type Bulbs

S6, S11, and S14 bulbs are typically used in consoles and equipment, as well as on panels and other machinery as indicator lights. They can also be found in use on signs, marquees, casinos, string lights, and other areas where a certain ambiance is required from your lighting choices.

Shatter Resistant

It’s all in the name. We carry a variety of bulbs that have been coated in a protective layer that aids in keeping your space safe from broken glass and debris when an accident happens. Your safety is worth it!

Half Chrome or Silver Bowl Bulbs

Generally used mainly in restaurant settings, half chrome – silver bowl – mirror bulbs feature a reflective finish to the bulbous end of the bulb to help reduce glare and redirect the light away from those sitting beneath it.

Flood and Spot Lights

These bulbs are great choices in residential and business settings for recessed cans, as well as outdoor fixtures.


From exit signs to vacuum cleaners, tubular bulbs have a wide range of uses in residential appliances and office spaces.

Colored Bulbs

Liven up your party with a rainbow of light or choose just one color to represent a certain cause that you are passionate about supporting.  carries an array of colored bulbs in different shapes and sizes and will help you support your cause by donating to charities as part of our Buy Light, Give Light program. Choose your color and give back today!

Bug Lights

Keep away the mosquitoes with our yellow bug lights. How do they work? The yellow color reduces the color temperature of the bulb and changes the wavelength of the light that is being emitted, which is what attracts insects. So, install a yellow bug light in your outdoor space to draw the bugs to it and away from you. You’ll thank us later, I promise.

Light Bulb Moments

What is an A-shaped light bulb?

What do you think of first when you imagine a light bulb? I can guess that it is most likely the standard A19, teardrop-shaped bulb that has made its presence known around the world since the late 1800s. In addition to the A19 bulb, we are familiar with the A21, A23, and the A15 shapes, as well. But what does the “A” in these types of bulbs mean? Great question and I’m glad you asked! The “A” stands for arbitrary, and in the case of bulbs, we take the definition of that to mean the shape was decided upon based on random choice of its designer. The number that follows the “A” in these bulbs indicates the bulb’s size when measured in 1/8” increments. For instance, a standard A19 bulb diameter measures at 19/8”, or when converted is 2.375”. The A21 bulb measures 21/8”, or 2.625” in diameter, but keep in mind that the A21 bulb is generally also slightly taller than the A19 which may prevent it from properly fitting in some fixtures. Be mindful of this when selecting a replacement bulb for your application. Keep in mind, also, that A-shape bulbs are offered in A15 and A23 sizes, too.

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