What Are The Advantages Of Switching To LED?

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Less heat, energy efficient, better light, and safe are a just few of the advantages of LED bulbs.
LED Advantages:
The benefits of switching to GoodBulb LED
will brighten your day...
  • LEDs use much less electricity  
  • LEDs have longer life hours
  • LEDs produce very little heat
  • LEDs Do NOT emit UV or infrared
  • LEDs DO NOT contain mercury
  • LEDs are resistant to shock and vibration 
  • LEDs can operate effectively in extremely cold environments like Fargo North Dakota, home of the GoodBulb.
advantage of switching to LED
  • GoodBulb LEDs are engineered for the longest-lasting life hours possible. We are making a good bulb
  • Box store LEDs have a rated life of 8,000 hours.
  • GoodBulb LEDs have a minimum life of 25,000 hours.
  • This is 25 times longer than a standard incandescent
  • 12 times longer than a standard halogen
  • 3 times longer than CFL and Box Store LEDs.

The average cost per kilowatt in the USA is 17 cents. A business that replaced 100 60-watt bulbs burning for 12 hours a day can save $18,987 over the next 5 years.

You will also benefit from reduced replacement, maintenance, and AC costs. That's saving $4,000 a year, simply by changing light bulbs.

For a detailed energy savings audit on your home or business, please contact a Lumen Master. 

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