Where can I buy high quality LEDs for my hotel?

5 star LED light bulbs

Beware of Bad Bulbs, Shop for Good Bulbs.

Great lighting is key to creating the correct atmosphere for your hotel. It can make a huge difference for your guests. From comfortable, warm light in your restaurant to adjustable lighting in the guest rooms, your hotel will need lights that fit various needs.

Your goal is to create the ultimate experience for your guests. You are their home away from home, and it's easy to fix common complaints like poor vanity and reading light. The best ways to avoid these mistakes are working with a lighting specialist to identify the variety of lights, lighting control, and high-quality LED bulbs that are right for your property.

What's a Bad Bulb? I grew up with a couple guys on the South Side of Chicago who are definately bad bulbs. A bad light bulb is one that is engineered to fail during the manufacturing process. This has been common practice in lighting since bulbs began mass production in 1907.  

Why LED Lighting and What is a High Quality LED?

LED lighting is the most cost effective and convenient form of lighting for your hotel. A high-quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) has several characteristics that distinguish it from Bad Bulbs. These features ensure longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness in various applications, ranging from residential lighting to commercial and industrial settings. Here are some of the key attributes of using high-quality LED in hotels:

1. Efficiency and Luminous Efficacy: High-quality LEDs provide more light output (lumens) per watt of electricity consumed. This means they are more energy-efficient and cost-effective over time.

2. Color Rendering Index (CRI): A high CRI value above 90 for superior quality indicates that the light from the LED accurately represents different colors compared to a natural light source like the sun. This is crucial in environments where color differentiation and improved spectrum of light are important.

3. Color Temperature: LEDs from GoodBulb offer a wide range of color temperatures to suit different environments and preferences, from warm tones (2200K-3000K) to daylight (5000K). The ability to choose and, in some cases, adjust the color temperature is a hallmark of high-quality LED lighting.

4. Longevity and Reliability: High-quality LEDs have a longer life hours, rated for 25,000 to 50,000 hours. This durability is a result of superior thermal management, which ensures that the LEDs do not overheat and degrade prematurely.

5. Dimmability: The ability to dim the light output without flicker or noise is a feature of high-quality LEDs. This requires compatibility with dimming systems and well-designed driver electronics.

6. Thermal Management: Effective heat dissipation is critical for the longevity of LEDs. High-quality LEDs are designed with heat sinks or other thermal management techniques to keep the LED junction temperature at safe levels. LEDs produce less heat, reducing cooling costs during warmer months. 

7. Warranty and Manufacturer Support: Reputable manufacturers offer warranties that guarantee the performance of their LEDs. This support is a sign of the confidence that GoodBulb has in their product's quality.

When selecting an LED product, considering these characteristics can help ensure you are choosing a high-quality option that will provide efficient, reliable, and high-performance lighting.

You’ll be able to create the right atmosphere for each room in your hotel with minimal maintenance compared to other more traditional forms of hotel lighting.

Finding high-quality LED bulbs that fit your hotel is more than just finding a light bulb. You’ll want to find the right color temperature that fits the atmosphere. Light should flow with your guests as they move from the lobby, through the hallways, and into their room. Keep in mind, you will need a different temperature for the front of house, compared to the back.  


Where to Buy LED Lighting?

Purchasing light bulbs in today's market is hard, with a myriad of choices that lead to confusion rather than clarity. From big-box retailers, online lighting stores to wholesale houses, the options are endless, each offering lighting products with varying specifications, quality levels, and prices. This abundance of choice complicates the decision-making process for consumers and businesses alike, making it difficult to identify the best product for their specific needs.

Enter GoodBulb lighting solutions. GoodBulb simplifies this journey by emphasizing quality first and competitive price savings. Our extensive product selection caters to every possible lighting need, eliminating the hassle of shopping around. Fast shipping means that light bulbs arrive when you need them, not weeks later. GoodBulb stands apart by assigning lighting experts as account managers, providing personalized advice and support to each customer.

Goodbulb makes a difference providing light

Perhaps most compelling is our mission to make a difference: with every purchase, customers contribute to global initiatives that bring light to underserved communities. Choosing GoodBulb isn't just about buying a light bulb; it's about investing in quality, convenience, expert guidance, and the chance to light up the world, one bulb at a time.

Shop our variety of high-quality LED bulbs at goodbulb.com to get in contact with one of our Lumen Masters and receive personalized help for upgrading your hotel project with LED lighting.

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