Non-proft, 'Still Kickin', Offers Hope to Cancer Patients and their Families


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“Life is tough, so help a human out.” Sound advice on life as provided by the non-profit Still-Kickin, whose primary focus every month is to provide financial help to a person, family or organization in need. Based out of Minneapolis, GoodBulb's friendly neighbor to the East, Still Kickin was formed after Aaron Purmort had a seizure. A bad seizure. One that turned out to be a really nasty flavor of brain cancer. Aaron was wearing the now iconic and simple green T-shirt, his favorite one, with the words “STILL KICKIN” pasted in white across the chest. Words that became a motto to him and his family on that fateful day. 

With a smile on his face, Aaron bravely fought his new reality for three years, but was not able to overcome his cancer battle in the end. However, Still Kickin is now a phrase that provides hope to folks dealing with their own bleak realities, not just about a cancer diagnosis but for anything causing hardship in the here and now, and that green T-shirt helps to serve as a visual reminder that “whatever tough stuff comes your way, you’re ready to kick it in the you-know-what”! 

After his death, Aaron’s wife, Nora and her good friend, Lindsay had an idea to make copies of Aaron’s T-shirt. They wanted to sell them and donate the proceeds to another family in need. The T-shirts became quite a hot-ticket and Still Kickin the non-profit was born!



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