Lighting It Blue: A Symbol of Remembrance and Unity for September 11th

light it blue honor heroes 9.11

Every year, Americans across the country prepare to honor the memory of those we lost with light. While the iconic "Tribute in Light" has lit up the Lower Manhattan skyline with its two beams of light emerging from ground zero, "Light it Blue" has emerged to keep the spirit of remembrance alive in communities across the country.

Embracing a New Tradition in Blue

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum has inspired cities to glow in blue light, symbolizing remembrance and respect for the lives lost. This initiative is similiar to tributes where blue lights honor first responders and heroes who've fallen while serving our communities.

A Unified Glow of Remembrance

A grassroots movement, with millions of Americans planning to illuminate their homes, workplaces, and communities in blue. This act of lighting it blue across serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and unity of the American spirit, in times of tragedy, creating a nationwide tribute to those we've lost.

The Significance of Lighting It Blue

Choosing to light buildings and homes in blue transcends a visual act of national solidarity, offering hope and a personal gesture of support for the enduring spirit of America. It reflects our shared commitment to never forget the lives lost and the heroes who emerged in one of our nation's darkest hours.

Participate in the Tribute

Joining this nationwide tribute is a simple yet profound way join a collective effort of remembrance and respect. From a single bulb in your home window to coordinated community efforts, each light contributes to a powerful message that we will never forget.

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twin towers 9.11

Lighting the Way Forward

This September 11th, let us unite to light our nation in blue, crafting a symphony of remembrance and hope. This simple act honors the families and the hero's of those we've lost. Blue light across American cities and homes will capture the essence of our nation's enduring spirit and resilience.

In choosing to light it blue, we create hope. Let us come together in this act of tribute, lighting the way forward with compassion and strength.

Join millions of Americans in a tribute of light and unity this September 11th. Light it blue, and let us remember, together.

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