Saved From Sex Slavery: Children in Uganda Find Hope with Detroit Tigers Pitcher Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd

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Credit: Kingdom Home and Detroit Free Press

The Republic of Uganda is a small country located in East-Central Africa, cradled by Kenya, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ravaged by conflict for more than 2 centuries, the people of Uganda are no strangers to hardship. One devastating travesty that has taken hold in this impoverished land is the child sex trade.

Imagine yourself as a child, no older than 11. Surrounded by familiar faces day in and day out, you come to trust those in your life to keep you safe. Now imagine yourself confused and terrified as one of these familiar faces betrays that trust, and you are subjected to unspeakable abuse. This is a sad reality for more than 2 million children around the world, every single year. The child sex trade is a booming business, driven by greed and a complete disregard for the value of human life. Globally, nearly 20% of human trafficking victims are under the age of 18. However, in Africa, children make up the majority of this number, reaching nearly 100% of sex traffic victims in some regions.

The exploitation of children is an ever-growing problem requiring awareness and action at every level. Finding even small ways to combat this issue is something we can all advocate for. Providing education, awareness, and opportunity to communities around the world are some of the ways to help in this fight and, at GoodBulb, good education and good causes are at the very heart of our mission.

GoodBulb’s founder and CEO, Tom Enright, was honored to have visited Uganda where he distributed thousands of lanterns throughout villages and communities to families living without access to electricity. Tom’s experiences with the people he encountered also highlighted some very real, and very somber, issues that many others might take for granted. This includes the devastation and impact that the child sex industry has had on the country.

So when we hear about people like Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd working toward offering solutions to combat such atrocities, everyone at GoodBulb cannot wait to share the different ways people find to Be Good!

For more on how Matthew Boyd has built 4 homes and helped to save 146 children in Uganda from sex slavery, please click here!

Thank you, @mattboyd48, for showing us what it means to Be Good!

If you would like to help Kingdom Home combat child sex slavery, please visit for more information.

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