What Bulb Is Best For The Bathroom?

bathroom led bulb examples

Bathroom Lighting

There is no study to determine the No. 1 lamp for bathrooms but I believe it's the frosted G25 incandescent globe light bulb with a medium E26 base used in bathroom vanity light fixtures like the middle picture above.

Can anyone actually say they have never seen globe light bulbs used in a bathroom? I wonder which hotel or designer started the trend that has lasted for decades?

The globe serves a purpose in residential and commercial bathrooms. The incandescent globe illuminates a soft white light that brings out the color in skin tone and is a great light for getting ready in the morning.

  • When the light is good, it’s easier for the guys to shave
  • When a lady is getting ready she will feel confident about the shade of makeup applied.
  • The incandescent globe is flattering to the skin tones because incandescent had a high CRI. 

This is one of the problems people face when buying LEDs.  Most LEDs have a low CRI, so the quality of light is worse than incandescent.

bathroom lighting led examples

The bad news about the incandescent globe is that it's basically gone and this is good news. Any globe bulb over 40 watts has been phased out and can no longer be manufactured or imported into the USA. If you require a 60 watt it's only available with a shatter proof coating.

No worries, my friends, there is no reason to panic. Today there are options that provide that same flattering light for skin tones. The only real difference is that the new bulbs will save more than 80 percent in energy costs and last 20 times longer. To buy right light for your application, connect with a Lumen Master at GoodBulb.  We would love to help.

  • Tip from the Wifey who prefers 90+ CRI LED 2700 Kelvin LEDs in bathroom vanity fixtures, a warm spectrum that is a hair brighter than incandescent light. To match incandescent use 2400 Kelvin LEDs. When honey has an outdoor event, she uses a makeup mirror with 5000 Kelvin LEDs that mimic natural light. 
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