Reopen Your Business with Style: Upgrade Your Lighting

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Welcome back your customers with new lighting and a fresh look.

Regardless of where you are in the phases of reopening your business amidst COVID-19 guidelines, one thing is certain — this is an opportunity for you to wow your customers. One way to give your business a low-cost makeover? New lighting!

You know that dead lightbulb you’ve been meaning to replace? Let’s take care of that. As a matter of fact, why not spruce up all your lighting design. Here are three ways to get started:

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Upgrade to LEDs.

Not only do LEDs give you a bright, beautiful light — they save you money! Investing in LED technology is one of the easiest ways for a business to save money and see a return on their investment. LEDs are 80 percent more efficient in converting energy to light than an incandescent. This means you can use a bulb that uses 80 percent fewer watts and still have the same amount of light. You instantly see the savings on that energy bill. To browse some LED options we love, click here.

Use ambient lighting to set the tone.

Particularly for restaurants or hotels, setting the right tone with your lighting can be a make-it-or-break-it factor in your customer’s experience. Romantic, soft lighting? Or bright, happy, and clean? Our lighting experts have years of expertise in a variety of industries. They are here to listen to your vision for your business ambiance and can direct you to the right lighting solutions. Tell us more here, or call us any time at 701-205-4953.

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Highlight your best features with a custom lighting design.

It’s not just the quality of the lightbulbs that make a difference — it’s your lighting layout design, too. At GoodBulb, our lighting experts understand the nuance of how to set up your lighting to achieve your desired lighting in the most efficient (and in-budget) way possible. We will work directly with you to create a custom layout for your business space. Give us a call today at 701-205-4953.

“GoodBulb helped us plan out a design plan that was able to meet and exceed my facility requirements …while staying within my budget requirements. 

Seth Walton, owner of Viking Land Harley-Davidson dealership and GoodBulb customer.

Lighting is often mistakenly overlooked when it comes to customer experience. In our conversation with Seth, he shared that lighting has made a big impact on how his customers see his product. “High-quality, efficient lighting is often not viewed as part of the customer experience,” he said. “But it’s crucial to creating a good representation of your product.”

We’re here to help. Make the most of this time preparing to reopen and give your business a lighting facelift. Your customers will notice!

Call us today at 701-205-4953 to get started.

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