Shine bright like a Harley: How lighting makes all the difference for dealerships.

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Step inside the Viking Land Harley-Davidson dealership and you might not pay special attention to the 20-foot ceilings with over 50 light fixtures. You might not notice the way the lighting is set to a specific brightness and angle but you will notice the way it sparkles off the rich paint of each Harley-Davidson bike.

You’ll can feel the light, the power, and the beauty as you immerse the in-store experience, good lighting makes a difference.

Seth Walton, Viking Land co-owner, knows this well. He’s a fantastic customer who is ready to tell his story.

  • “High-quality, efficient lighting is not viewed as part of the customer experience,” he said. “but it’s crucial to creating a good representation of your product.”

With a brand as well-respected and well-loved as the American Harley-Davidson, displaying the motorcycle and creating the customer experience is part of managing a dealership. In fact, once a year, Harley Davidson sends a representative to each dealership to ensure they are meeting brand standards for their showrooms and service departments.

  • “As Harley-Davidson dealers, we are selling the most well-known premium brand of motorcycles in the world, we bear a level of responsibility,” Seth said.

“Not only do we as dealers see the value of good lighting, but the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has very specific guidelines that dealers are required to follow for all departments. From the showroom floor, to the parts counter and service bays in the back, lighting guidelines that Corporate sets are for the benefit of employees and more importantly, the customers.”

That said, when Seth and his father first began designing their dealership, Viking Land knew they had to uphold those same standards for layout and lighting. The building was formerly a Cadillac dealership, with 20-foot-high ceilings and more than 50 fluorescent light fixtures. But they quickly realized this wasn’t going to be the most sustainable option.

  • “Because the lights were fluorescent, the lumens went down over time. We had to go around a few times a year to change the bulbs,” Seth said.

With such high ceilings, it wasn’t as simple as unscrewing a bulb. With the time and effort it took to find and replace fluorescent bulbs, Seth quickly realized they needed a better lighting solution. After a bad experience installing some LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures that he found in a box store, he decided to search for lighting experts. He heard about the work Goodbulb was doing with other dealerships and decided to contact a GoodBulb Lumen Master.

led for Harley Davidson dealerships

Right away, GoodBulb worked with Seth to create a lighting design that offered the best lighting experience throughout the store. For instance, fixtures were hung at different lengths and we reduce that number to make one cohesive level of lighting. GoodBulb upgraded all the lighting fixtures to LEDs for better quality light and long-term sustainability.  

  • “GoodBulb has been there from start to finish, helping us plan out a design that was able to meet and exceed my facility requirements both on the interior and exterior of my buildings, while staying within my budget requirements,” Seth said.
led fixtures inside a Harley Davidson dealership 
The Viking Land Harley-Davidson showroom
  “The biggest indicator was what they said about the paint.”

After upgrading to LED and cleaning up the lighting layout design, Seth noticed the difference immediately — and, so did his customers. 

"For anyone who’s a true fan, you know how important the paint is for a Harley-Davidson bike. Whether jet black or cherry red, Harley-Davidson has a very specific process for painting and finishing a bike. Good lighting highlights this feature for the customer." Seth said.

“There’s so much depth to Harley paint,” he said. “In the proper lighting, you receive more compliments on the brilliance of colors and the metal flakes.”

  • "Another important reason for proper lighting is for the mechanics in the showroom. This team is working and it’s crucial that the lighting helps them see each part clearly so they can do their best work for the customer."
lighting for motorcycle dealerships


“We want customers to see the depth and contrast on the high quality of the manufacturing process and paint, and we want our mechanics to see the details of each part they are working on in the back,” he said.

Since partnering with GoodBulb, Seth has been able to maintain the high standards of the Harley-Davidson brand, and provide a better customer experience through proper lighting design. And of course, if a bulb was to ever dim or a problem occurs, GoodBulb is there.

  • “Not many can people can say they know their lighting guy,” Seth said with a smile. “GoodBulb regularly checks back in so see if we need anything. You don’t get that level of service from a lot of places.”

Now, as a business owner who has seen the value of proper lighting, Seth notices the difference it can make in any showroom, in any industry. It’s something he encourages other business owners to prioritize as well.

“Good visibility is a concept that applies to all of retail,” he said. “We owe it to ourselves and our customers to provide the best experience possible. When you care about your product, you show it in the best light.”

difference good led lighting makes in a dealership

In the world of retail, where every detail can make or break the customer experience, the story of Viking Land Harley-Davidson stands as a story of excellence. Seth Walton's journey with GoodBulb has not only elevated the showcase of iconic motorcycles but has redefined the ambiance of his dealership, proving the transformative power of quality lighting. This is a call to other dealerships to envision beyond the ordinary. Connecting with GoodBulb is not just about upgrading to LED lighting; it’s about embracing a partnership that cares for your brand's presentation as much as you do.

It's about ensuring that every chrome glint and paint gloss under your roof tells a story of quality, care, and unparalleled customer experience. Let GoodBulb guide you through a lighting revolution that not only meets the meticulous standards of Harley-Davidson but sets a new benchmark in retail presentation. Join the ranks of those who choose to present their products in the best light possible. Illuminate your dealership with GoodBulb LED, and watch as the quality of your lighting transforms the way customers see your product, enhancing both visibility and sales.

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