Displaced Nebraska Flood Victims Recover Through Hundreds of Donations and Countless Acts of Kindness

flooding of march 2019 in Midwest

In Nebraska, alone, many areas endured all-time record flooding that will have an impact on the lives and economies of locals for years to come. On March 18, 2019, Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts was even forced to declare a state of emergency, citing the desolation as “[t]he most extensive damage our state has ever experienced.”


haystack, Nebraska

Seeing this destruction and wanting to find ways to help, Addy Tritt, a graduate of Fort Hays State University in Kansas, found an opportunity to provide a necessary commodity to victims in Nebraska by way of Payless Shoes, which is going out of business and liquidating its assets across 2100 locations nationwide.

Tritt approached a branch of the retail shoe chain to negotiate when the Hays’ Big Creek Crossing store lowered its prices to just $1 per pair. With only 204 pairs of shoes remaining on the shelves, a retail value of more than $6000, Tritt walked away with with the store’s entire stock for only $100, which she paid for out of her own pocket. The shoes were donated as part of a flood relief shipment organized by FHSU’s Sigma Alpha, and distributed to farmers all over Nebraska in the aftermath of the flooding. Other efforts to make donations in aid of victims in Nebraska and surrounding areas have been gaining traction, as well.

GoodBulb is proud to bring attention to one of our own local hero organizations supporting #GoodCausesFarm Rescue, who is a non-profit based out of Horace, ND, providing crisis recovery assistance to farmers and ranchers in the Midwest. They have assisted in organizing wide-spread support to America’s heartland throughout this ordeal with their Operation Hay Lift, which brought more than 100 loads of desperately-needed cattle feed and supplies to ranchers. The efforts and sacrifices of selfless people and teams, like Addy Tritt and Farm Rescue, are what unites us as a community, and GoodBulb is excited to see the humanity offered up in times of need. 

water arial view in midwest flood

 Nebraska Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Jamie Bartholomew (left) and Spc. Oslay Molina (center) hand square bale of hay to Nebraska farmer James Palmer in Winslow, Nebraska, March 25. Bartholomew and Molina were part of a team that provided hay to Palmer who needed hay for his livestock after catastrophic flooding destroyed much of his property, vehicles and feed reserves. (Nebraska National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Koan Nissen)


midwest city flood 2019

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