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Where can I buy high quality LEDs for my hotel project?

Where can I buy high quality LEDs?

Beware Bad Bulbs, look for GoodBulbs.

Great lighting is key to creating the correct atmosphere for your hotel. It can make a huge difference for your guests. From low, warm light in your restaurant to adjustable lighting in the guest rooms, your hotel will need lights that fit various needs.

Your goal is to create the ultimate experience for your guests. You are their home away from home after all, and you don’t want to fall into the same common complaints like poor vanity and reading light. The best ways to avoid these mistakes are a variety of lights, lighting control, and high-quality LED lighting.

Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting is one of the most cost effective and convenient forms of lighting you can have for your hotel project. LED bulbs last longer than any other lighting option (lasting an average of 50,000 hours and up to 100,000 hours) while using a fraction of the energy. They also produce less heat (meaning those summer months won’t require as much cooling).

LED bulbs coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color temperatures. From the standard A Shape LED used in most lamps in hotel rooms to LED linear tubes used in overhead lights in the lobby, there is an LED bulb for every part of your hotel. You’ll be able to create the right atmosphere for each room in your hotel with minimal maintenance compared to other more traditional forms of hotel lighting.

What is a High-Quality LED Bulb?

Finding high-quality LED bulbs that fit your project is more than just finding the brightest light. You’ll want to find the right color temperature that fits the atmosphere. Keep in mind, you might need a different temperature for your restaurant, the bathrooms, or the guest rooms.

You will also want a bulb that does not flicker when using a camera (like that on your phone). A flicker is based on the electric cycle of the bulb. A higher electric cycle will reduce eye fatigue of your guests and should be properly diffused based on how the light is used.

A high-quality LED bulb will lead to making your guests feel more at home and make them want to return on their next vacation or business trip.

Where to Buy LED Lighting

There are many places that offer LED bulbs, which can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many of these bulbs are what we call Bad Bulbs. Many corporate lightbulb companies use planned obsolescence—meaning, they intentionally create lower quality bulbs that burn out fast, so that you have to buy more. This has been going on since the 1920’s.

At GoodBulb, we’re taking a stand against these practices. Here, you’ll find GoodBulbs only— NO Bad Bulbs. We pride ourselves on finding you the best bulbs for the job, in the highest quality—so you don’t have to worry about dim colors, flickering lights, or fast burnouts. GoodBulb has a team of experts to help you find the right color temperature, shape, and size bulb for your project.

Plus, our commercial LED lighting options produce fantastic light quality at a fraction of the energy consumption—making your bulbs outlast the competition.

Shop our variety of high-quality LED bulbs at or visit to get in contact with one of our Lumen Masters and receive personalized help for upgrading your hotel project with LED lighting.