Xtreme Life | F8T5/CW | Vibrant 4000 Kelvin | XL67


You can replace this bulb with LED and we would love to help. Call a Lumen Master at 701.205.4953 or you can keep using these energy hogs for next 10 years. That's cool too..

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Xtreme Life | F8T5/CW | Vibrant 4000 Kelvin | XL67
Xtreme Life | F8T5/CW | Vibrant 4000 Kelvin | XL67

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    You can replace this bulb with LED and we would love to help. Call a Lumen Master at 701.205.4953 or you can keep using these energy hogs for next 10 years. That's cool too..


    • SKU: F8T5|CW|XL67
    • Bulb Shape: T8 linear
    • Wattage: 15
    • CRI: 75
    • Brand: GoodBulb
    • Power Voltage: 120-278
    • Base Code: G13
    • Color Temperature: 4000 Kelvin
    • Life Hours: 40000
    • Lighting Technology: LED
    • Lighting Code: T8FR16/740/LED
    • Base Type: Mini Bi-Pin
    • Lumens: 1600
    • Lumens Per Watt: 107
    • Diameter (Inches): 1
    • Nominal Length (Inches): 48
    • Contains Mercury: Yes
    • Warranty: 5 years


    The fluorescent light bulb was a breakthrough in lighting technology and destined for failure at the same time. Fluorescent lighting was considered extremely efficient in the 80s and 90s because it produced more lumens (light) with every watt. Lumens Per Watt is how we measure efficiency in LED. Fluorescent lighting technology is available in different kelvin temperatures. Compared to Incandescent lighting which is only available in a warm 2700 kelvin. For the first time, buyers had an opportunity to control the color of light in their business.

    The only reason to purchase fluorescent lighting today is that you are not ready or unable to switch to LED. If you are considering LED, I encourage you to click:


    Fill out the form and an experienced lighting specialist will respond. Call during working hours and someone will answer. I may answer the phone at 5am or 9:30 pm, on a Sunday…or I may be playing ping pong with the family. We will call you back. I’m currently writing this section on a plane to Vegas with wifey. We left the kids at home with Grandma.

    Extending lamp life should be the #1 objective when manufacturing a light bulb. A shield that protects the filament from shock, vibration and surges will make your fluorescents last longer. Major brands DO NOT use a cathode guard shield becuase they want your bulbs to burn out. They have you believing that light bulbs just don't last very long. There is a better way and there are better bulbs. If you want the best quality light than we need to use really good phosphors and if you want your bulbs to last longer, you need togher components. You need the GoodBulb way.

    Is 4000 Kelvin the best color of light for your business or home?

    4000 Kelvin fluorescent is a great compromise between a relaxing 3000 to 3500 kelvin light bulb and the bright white 5000 kelvin which is recommended in office and commercial lighting. We are seeing more homeowners request 4000 kelvin since the home is now an office, a gym and sometimes a playground. 4000 Kelvin fluorescents will appear brighter than your old halogens. 4000 Kelvin is used in schools across the country and this is a huge mistake. If you want to reduce eye strain, headaches and glare. If you want to be more productive, attentive and alert, then order 5000 Kelvin fluorescents.

    The color of light for an incandescent is 2700 Kelvin. 2700 Kelvin is the spectrum of light with a strong mixture of yellow and orange elements. This bulb is made for relaxing spaces.The color of light for a Fluorescent is whatever you want it to be.

    The 360-degree beam spread produced by a fluorescent light bulb allows a business to control cleaner light that highlights the work being done underneath them. For the past 50 years every business has invested in fluorescent lighting. Lighting that contains mercury and phosphors which need to be recycled. Most fluorescent light bulbs end up in the dumpster. I’ll bet you a Portillo’s Hot Dog there was approximately 100 million fluorescent light bulbs throughout the stores in Chicago. 100 million bulbs burning in a city that would only last 1 to 2 years. The General, Phillip, Slvania, and Smelly Feit all bought matching gigantic yachts. They could have manufactured a fluorescent that lasted 10 to 15 years. Americans had NO IDEA that they were being deceived. That the deceptive manufacturing process of controlling life hours was happening. That the major brands in lighting were engineering light bulbs to burn out and they did it on purpose. Billions of light bulbs that are polluting our planet. We have covered the good, the bad and now it’s time for the ugly.


    In 2001 I started selling light bulbs door to door to businesses in Chicago, during this time the electronic ballast came to market. Every fluorescent light bulb requires a ballast. The ballast is a battery and will one day run out of juice, needing to be replaced. Before the electronic ballast, a business used magnetic ballasts and T12 fluorescent light bulbs. A magnetic ballast would last 20 to 30 years. The major brands in lighting realized they were not selling enough ballasts, so they developed a linear T8, an energy saving fluorescent bulb to replace T12’s. The kicker…it required the new electronic ballast. The f#@king major brands in lighting engineered the electronic ballasts to burn light bulbs out faster…. The ballast made light bulbs burn out faster and then the ballast only lasted 5 to 7 years. If you have changed light bulbs for a business, you know exactly what I’m talking about. How many times have you said, “I thought I changed that bulb” or “I thought those bulbs would last longer”? Planned obsolescence is a major problem in lighting.

    The General was an evil genius because we kept buying fluorescents… repeatedly for the past 60 years. They got away with it, made a fortune and hurt our planet. They stole from our ancestors; your parents and it continues today. Planned life hours with fragile designs forced businesses all over the country to buy more BadBulbs. We kept changing light bulbs. Major brands in lighting kept running to the bank. The Phoebus Cartel may be the longest running criminal enterprise in the country. Smoke and Mirrors built BadBulb bazillion-dollar lighting corporations and one of them makes a good toothbrush.

    Google the Phoebus Cartel, all the above has been documented, this is real news.

    Not all Bulbs are created Equal. Some are Good. Some are Bad. Some walk the Grey Line.

    In the early 2000’s installing T8 fluorescent light bulbs with electronic ballasts was trendy and the right decision. Saving energy and producing a better-quality light was a Win-Win-LOSER!! The problem was that you spent more money replacing ballasts & those ballasts shortened the life of the bulbs.

    If you still using fluorescents, there may be more burnouts in your property than at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in 1970's San Francisco. And my brother happens to live down the street from that corner. Are you tired of walking your business and seeing lights that are different colors and light bulbs that are burned out? Fantastic, you give a f#@k, and we want to earn your business!

    GoodBulb has the absolute longest lasting fluorescent bulbs. Light bulbs that have become a favorite option for commercial and retail businesses everywhere because GoodBulb’s last longer. They will reduce energy and maintenance costs, while providing a quality of light that makes a drastic difference. Your electric bill and time spent changing light bulbs would be even less if you switched to LED. The improvement in light quality is what everyone will see, and we can keep the burnouts in San Francisco, my brother loves it out there.

    Stop Buying Bad Bulbs

    The environment is rich with natural colors. Color defines our world and makes it extraordinary. It fuels expression and inspires brilliance. GoodBulb fluorescent bring the appeal of true color into your own space. Where artistry and engineering blend to reveal the brightest and longest lasting bulbs on the market. Each GoodBulb fluorescent is made from the finest materials that maximize energy savings making their high performance and longevity possible.

    Lighting is a powerful element establishing the tone and personality of our homes and businesses. It shapes our moods and can influence our decisions and ability to interact. Our entire collection of fluorescents beautifully renders true colors of everything, delivering value much beyond their energy savings.

    Chose wisely my friend

    Now is the time to lead by example. Buying GoodBulb fluorescents ensures significant maintenance savings without compromising on light quality. In turn, this helps you create both environmentally and economically sustainable spaces. Using long-lasting fluorescents makes a difference.

      Super Strength

    • GoodBulb fluorescents incorporate a cathode guard shield with a special alloy that prevents end blackening and helps maintain 95% brightness throughout the life of the lamp.
    • Longer Life Span

    • GoodBulb fluorescents have a heavy duty, triple wound double tungsten cathode to improve elctrode emissions for longer life.
    • Premium Quality

    • Lighting is 8th element in good design, turning colors and textures into a vibrant palette of finishes and materials. GoodBulb LEDs illuminate in a crisp, clean spectrum of light where color pops and textures stand out. Your finishes will have depth and luster.
    • Aluminum Oxide Coating

    • Reduces mercury content protecting the environment from excess mercury in discarded bulbs.
    • Silicone Coating

    • Makes for better starting on your extended life bulb in colder temperatures.
    • How to Order the Correct Fluorescent.

      Light bulbs are complicated. I’ve been in lighting for over 20 years, and I still have questions. The first thing we should do is measure twice and order once. Let's guarantee you have the correct size, color, and amount of light. There is code written on the end of your old bulb, this code will tell me exactly what you are replcaing. Where are you using the bulb and what is needed from the light? Is the space designed as an office, industrial, or relaxing atmosphere? Does the light in the space blend with other lights, are the fluorescents lighting something special? If you have questions, we have lighting specialists that would love to help. Ask for a Lumen Master.

      They will ask you a few questions to make sure we deliver the absolute best light bulb. If this is your first time ordering from GoodBulb you should have one of your old bulbs ready. We will need the code that’s printed on the end and we can calculate how much energy you will be save if you are considering LED. We have so many options and one change in lumen output or kelvin temperature can make a huge difference in how light enhances your business or home. We would love to help.

      Thanks for shopping GoodBulb and joining us on our mission to BeGood. Every purchase helps bring light to families who live without electricity, in a way, you're a superhero. In a lot of ways, you care about the earth helping reduce Global Pollution with every Good fluorescent that your purchase. We are proud to work with you and would love to be your BFF. We want to help.

      1 (701) 205-4953 |


      Shipping and Returns

      Shopping at GoodBulb is not your traditional online shopping experience, after all, how can a company have "good" in its name and not provide top quality products, shipping times, and customer care. That's why we make it a point to ship orders as quickly as possible, with most orders shipping the same day your order is placed with all orders being processed within 2-3 business days. It's important to note though those orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays, it's our way of being good to those who make GoodBulb great.

      We're not completely sure how the return process works, we don't get a lot of returns here at GoodBulb. Think our last return was in 2010...people love good products. But if you happen to be Karen, know that we offer prepaid returns for all requests received within 30-days from delivery. It doesn't stop there Karen, we also accept returns past 30-days and up to 60 days, except you're responsible for return postage. Karen is also my Mom's name. Love Ya.

      Customer Care

      Working with a Lumen Master at GoodBulb will be the quickest way to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that you may have. It's good to be good. Buying light bulbs is not as easy as it once was. At GoodBulb we pride ourselves on making your experience, enjoyable, fun, and easy. That’s why I love my wife, and she has me for a lifetime. We want to earn your business for a lifetime. Giving back is what GoodBulb does, for 1.2 billion people live without light. Purchasing a light bulb can make a difference in the lives of others.


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