X-Life | 2-FT | T8 LED 9w | Platinum 5000 Kelvin | 1225 Lumens | 5-YR | XL256


GoodBulb LED tubes have been known to double as a Jeti Sword. May the 4th be with you for Julie in accounting has removed the lights in her office. Julie is now in possession of a light saber and she is pissed at sales and marketing.

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X-Life | 2-FT | T8 LED 9w | Platinum 5000 Kelvin | 1225 Lumens | 5-YR | XL256
X-Life | 2-FT | T8 LED 9w | Platinum 5000 Kelvin | 1225 Lumens | 5-YR | XL256

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    GoodBulb LED tubes have been known to double as a Jeti Sword. May the 4th be with you for Julie in accounting has removed the lights in her office. Julie is now in possession of a light saber and she is pissed at sales and marketing.


    • SKU: XL256|9w|T8|50K|25
    • Bulb Shape: T8
    • Wattage: 9 Watts
    • CRI: 80 CRI
    • Brand: GoodBulb
    • Operation Type: Type A
    • Power Voltage: 120 | 277 Volts
    • MPN (Part No.): XL256|9w|T8|50K|25
    • Base Code: G13
    • Color Temperature: 5000 Kelvin
    • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
    • Lighting Technology: Light-Emitting Diode
    • Lighting Code: X-Life|F17T8|LED|50K|P
    • Base Type: Medium Bi Pin
    • Dimmable: Non Dimmable
    • Lumens: 1225 Lumens
    • Lumens Per Watt: 136 Lm/W
    • Wattage Equivalence: 17w Equal
    • Beam Spread: 210° | Wide Beam
    • Finish: Opaque
    • Diameter (Inches): 1.1 Inches
    • Nominal Length (Inches): 24 Inches
    • Bulb: Stronger|Brighter|LongerLife
    • Contains Mercury: No
    • Suitable Location: Damp
    • UL Listed: Yes
    • Series: Xtreme Life
    • Operating Temperature: Fargo Winters | Vegas Summers
    • Applications: Plug n Play
    • Power Factor: 0.99
    • Housing: Glass | Plastic End Caps
    • Replaces: F17T8 Fluorescent
    • Lighting Technology: Elite Series
    • This Bulb Helps: You Save Money
    • Estimated Annual Energy Cost: 1.25
    • Warranty: 7 Years


    Manufactured Tougher | Beautiful Light | ONLY For Customers Who Give a F#@k

    Welcome to the wonderful world of LED

    The age where a lighting brand has the option to manufacture with planned obsolescence in the backbone of every tube or they can make the choice to develop the most intuitive LED tubes in the industry. For over a century, planned obsolescence has been the secret sauce and the biggest problem in lighting. It continues to this day for the Godfathers of lighting, The General, Phillip, Slvania, and Smelly Feit decided planned obsolescence was the way, manufacturing bulbs that won't last very long and you will spend more of your hard-earned dollars replacing light bulbs. This trend can continue, or it can stop today. 7 Years ago, the average LED lasted 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Today the average LED only lasts 7,500 to 12,000 hours when a long life incandescent used to last 20,000 hours. Yeah, read that part again… So, the major brands in lighting are now making LEDs burn out faster than a good incandescent. Why is this you ask?

    If you only want to read about the Elite Series 5000 Kelvin LED which replaces outdated fluorescent technology, scroll down a few paragraphs. If You want to learn something new and discover if 1225 lumens is the correct LED for your application one must start at the beginning and gain a better understanding for light, how the lighting industry works, how lumens make a huge difference and how kelvin can change everything. How many times have you said, "I thought LED was supposed to last longer?" If this is the first time you are replacing older fluorescent technology with LED than I encourage you to read about Lumens and Kelvin. These are the first two boxes you check when selecting the correct LED for your application.

    Linear Fluorescent tubes have been manufactured by the Bazillions and changed that way we live, work, and see as Americans, especially in the workplace and our schools. In 1925 light bulbs in your business and your home was life changing. Today, we take the light bulb for granted, especially when 16% of the world’s population still does not have access to electricity.

    Major brands in any industry make more money when you are forced to buy the same product repeatedly. When buyers just want the cheapest upfront price Manufactures will piece together products without considering what planned obsolescence will cost them and our earth. This is where the major brands in lighting truly screwed up. They decided for you. The General, Phillip, Slvania and others simply decided 100 years ago that you wanted cheap light bulbs so they could make a fortune. They never gave you a choice. They never manufactured quality product. Wasting resources and the disposal of unnecessary lighting products for over 100 years, contaminating our beautiful planet. If bulbs lasted longer, we would not dispose so many and if bulbs lasted longer, we would not be extracting excessive raw materials from the earth. Major brands care about profit and they want the cheapest materials forcing you to buy this product repeatedly. Not every Bulb is the same. GoodBulb is for customers that give a f#@k. Customers that expect LED to be tougher, to be rugged, to last longer, and engineered to illuminate in a beautiful light.

    Light bulbs... light was one of the very first products in the early 1900s that changed the way Americans live and how major corporations manufacture a product. Thomas Edison was one of the original founders of GE in the early 1900's. Other lighting companies like Shelby Electric began to emerge making long life light bulbs and GE, Philips, Sylvania, and others were not happy. One of those long-life bulbs is seriously still burning today and has been lighting a California firehouse for over 1 million hours. That's when the Phoebus cartel was formed in Switzerland in 1925.

    The cartel included manufacturers Sylvania, General Electric, Associated Electrical Industries, Philips, and others. The cartel put in writing that if a light bulb lasted more than 3,000 hours, then the corporation will be fined. They controlled life hours and formed new worldwide territories forcing consumers to buy bad light bulbs. Light bulbs that were going to fail.

    Edison used his experience, his 10,000 tries, to engineer planned failer into a good product. He used his big, beautiful brain to cheat your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Planned obsolescence is when a company purposefully manufactures a product to fail and light bulb companies are the original Godfathers of Planned Obsolescence. This is the first product in America that was manufactured to fail. With incandescent light bulbs these companies stole, cheated, and deceived your ancestors. They are doing the same thing to YOU with LED, and they will continue this trend when your children need to spend their money replacing light bulbs.

    If you don't believe me, google it...

    Stop Buying BadBulbs

    Are you wondering if the Xtreme Life 5000 kelvin, 24 inch, Type A linear LED tube is the best light bulb for your application? Please keep reading if any lighting terms are confusing for the XL256 is one tough LED. My old man, he was one tough SOB and I say that in a good way.

    Are you surprised that light bulbs were so complicated and had such a colorful history of deceiving Americans? The first thing we should do is listen to Grandma Irene, she told me more than once to think before I act. We should measure twice and order once. Let's do a double check and guarantee you have the correct size LED replacement light bulb. First match up the linear fluorescent code that is written on the end of the fluorescent tube. This code will tell us what you are using, the size, and the color of light being used in your location. If you want to triple check, you can dust of the measuring tape and put that tool to use.

    One change in lumen output or kelvin temperature can make a huge difference in how light impacts your business or home. We can give advice if where know where the bulbs are being installed. If you have any questions just call or email us, and we would love to help.

    Let us begin with kelvin, the color of light. Is the Platinum 5000 kelvin, Elite Series the best color of light for your business or home?

    Is 5000 kelvin the best color of light for your business or home?

    5000 kelvin is the platinum spectrum of light. A bright, natural-colored light source that resembles the noon day sun. A workspace can improve productivity by using 5000 kelvin LED tubes which renders colors accurately bringing natural outdoor sunlight indoors. I've been in lighting for over 20 years, and this is my absolute favorite color of light. It's a clean, white light that makes seeing and working easier. I feel better while working under 5000 kelvin LEDs and I'm positive you will have a similar experience. It's the color of light that we use throughout our offices and in the warehouse. Every manufacturing facility, production and school should be using 5000 kelvin. It has been proven to reduce eye strain, headaches, and glare. The right light makes a huge difference.

    First you should understand how kelvin which is the color of light can trick the eyes. If you had two rowsof light bulbs and each one was a different kelvin, and each bulb produced the same amount of light or lumens. The bulb with the highest kelvin temperature would look the brightest to the naked eye. For example, a 5000 kelvin bulb will look brighter than a 3000 kelvin bulb even though it produces the exact same amount of lumens or light. Seeing is believing, with light bulbs seeing can be deceiving. To understand how much light is being illuminated look at the Lumens not the Watts. Watts and LED only matter on an electric bill.

    Buying light bulbs used to be easy. We all know how bright a 60-watt incandescent is. Watts determined and told us how bright the incandescent bulb should be. In the world of LED, kelvin (color of light) and lumens (how much light) are two major factors in determining what the LED will look like in your application and how bright the bulb will be.

    The amount of light (lumens) in LED is measured as seeable light. The Chart above and below are a great reference for comparing older fluorescents to LED.

    The correct quality of light can create spaces that appeal, inspire, and inform. LED light allows us to control CRI (quality of the color of light) providing you with more accurate colors. LED light bulbs do not fade and change colors like your older fluorescents. We can control the beam spread so light is evenly distributed from one end of the tube to the other. These are beautiful bulbs.

    Remember that the color of light (kelvin) factors into how your eyes will perceive light. If you have selected a higher kelvin temperature than your old fluorescents it will look brighter. If you have selected a lower kelvin temperature it will look softer. Too much light can be harsh in the wrong environment and not enough light creates a different set of problems. The height of your ceilings, the color of your walls and what happens in the space all makes a difference in selecting the right LED. You can prevent fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, and glare with the correct LEDs. One of my favorite customers, Jimmy D (I've been helping him for almost 20 years), calls them happy lights. If you have questions, please ask and let’s get you the right light bulb the 1st time.

    Color is a powerful element, and the amount of light can influence buying decisions, enhance our productive ability to learn and interact. It establishes the tone and personality of our home and businesses. The fuller, more continuous curve of LED technology enables our LED lamps to precisely render a much larger color set than fluorescent phosphors. Your business will look nicer with the correct LED and anyone who walks through your doors will notice how nice it looks.

    Simplified, this LED linear light bulb is freaking awesome, and you are going to love it.

    The Sunrise | Bypass | 24 inch LED is one BadAss Bulb. There is a very good chance you will never have to change this light bulb ever again.

    What is a Plug n Play Elite Series LED linear light bulb ?

    What is a Plug n Play (Type A) LED liner light bulb?

    Type A LED tubes requires ZERO rewiring of the fixture. Good LEDs are the easiest way to save energy and benefit from longer lasting light bulbs. Light Bulbs that will improve the quality of light in your business or home. Plug n Play LED tubes work with your existing ballast. Yes, your fixture has a ballast. A ballast is like a battery that passes power to Type A LEDs and your existing fluorescent bulbs. They will not light without a working ballast. Like a battery, a ballast will also run out of juice one day and it will need to be replaced. The major brands in lighting guaranteed planned failure into every ballasts. That is why your fluorescents get black ends and have such a short life span. This is the down side to Type A LEDs for they work with your existing ballast.

    Side Note. It has always pissed me off that the major brands got away with manufacturing the absolutle worst electronic ballasts. The old magnetic ballasts that lasted for 20 plus years. Remember how heavy they were. That was a great product. So everyone switched to T8's to save energy and you needed a new ballast to use T8's. The f#@kers go and make this POS electronic ballast that will maybe last 5 years... MAYBE.... All the money you saved in electricty went right back to buying and replacing ballasts. The Major Brands in lighting are not nice people. Yes, Plug N Play LEDs will only work if you have a good bad ballast. HA

    Eventually you will need to replace the ballast and GoodBulb can help you replace and recycle the ballast. Type A LED tubes require a functioning ballast.

    1. Efficiency | Consume 75% less energy using Plug N Play LEDs .

    2. Longevity | LEDs can last 10 to 20 times longer than a standard light bulb.

    3. Environment | LEDs are made of non-toxic materials. Fluorescents contain mercury and other gases.

    Is Plug N Play (Type A) the Right LED for you?

    • Upfront cost is my top priority.
    • My ballasts are less than 5 years old.
    • I don't want to invest in a leased property but I do want to reduce my electric bill.
    • I want to improve the quality of light in my business.
    • I want the ability to switch back to my older fluorescents.
    • I care about the Earth and I want to reduce waste

    LED tubes are printing dollars. Every month you will have more money in the bank becuase you will be spending less on your electric bill. Every year you will purchase less light bulbs and if you are a business you won't be paying someone a ridicilous amount of money to change a light bulb. Your return on investment is approximately 9 months and every month after is straight cash flow.

    Every LED can be Safety Coated

    With increasing concerns for safety in public areas, the loss of productivity in the workplace, and the risk of litigation due to negligence, shatter proof light bulbs are now required in a broad range of industries. Shatter Proof lamps are required in the food industry, supermarkets, elevators, and the medical field. To protect children from unforeseen accidents, more schools are using safety coated LEDs. The hospitality industry is beginning to use shatter proof LEDs to protect their guests. Sports facilities, security, manufacturing, retailers, even parking garages have begun to use shatter guard lamps to protect the public, employees, and their business.

    If your LED is Shatter Proof you can drop it, you can kick it, you can break it and the coating will keep your bulb intact. It may never light up again, but the components will be contained.

    Thanks for shopping GoodBulb and joining us on our mission to BeGood. Every purchase helps bring light to families who live without electricity, in a way, you're a superhero. In a lot of ways, you care about the earth and our helping reduce Global Pollution with every Good LED that your purchase. We are proud to work with you and would love to help. If you have questions on a particular bulb, such as what light bulb is best suited for your space, or questions on how to install a bulb, contact us. Our lighting specialists are happy to help, 1 (701) 205-4953, or email us at

    FYI…Our team has been instructed to give anyone who finds a creative way to break BadBulbs (think Star Wars or find your inner Ninja) and share the video on social media. (Wear a mask for those bulbs do have excess mercury & phosphors inside of them). Tag Us and the discount is all yours. We have taken the time to share our lighting knowledge with the world and I’m curious to see how many people will actually break a bad bulb.

    Made the Good Way

  • Heat Distribution is Really Important
  • The number one way to manufacture LEDs that last longer is to direct heat away from the chips and the driver. So that’s what we do.

  • Quality Materials Matter
  • For an LED to function properly and provide beautiful light every part of the bulb must work together. The lens, the heat sink, the chips, and the power supply must be built to last. So, we manufacturer them to last. Easy…Done…Your Welcome.

    Environmentally Friendly Bulbs

  • Made from Non-Toxic Materials
  • Energy Efficient
  • Higher Lumens Per Watt
  • Minimal Heat Loss
  • Longer Life Reduces Waste
  • Top 3 Way Big Brands Make BadBulbs

  • Minimum Heat Distribution
  • The number one reason LEDs burn out faster than they should is overheating and BadBulbs are designed to overheat.

  • Short Life Components
  • If the guts of the bulb are garbage then the bulb is a BadBulb.

  • Cheap Plastics
  • Making the bulb become dim and lose brightness quickly creating heat buildup within the lamp.

    Shipping and Returns

    Shopping at GoodBulb is not your traditional online shopping experience, after all, how can a company have "good" in its name and not provide top quality products, shipping times, and customer care. That's why we make it a point to ship orders as quickly as possible, with most orders shipping the same day your order is placed with all orders being processed within 2-3 business days. It's important to note though those orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays, it's our way of being good to those who make GoodBulb great.

    We're not completely sure how the return process works, we don't get a lot of returns here at GoodBulb. Think our last return was in 2010...people love good products. But if you happen to be the Scrooge on Christmas Eve, know that we offer prepaid returns for all requests received within 30-days from delivery. It doesn't stop there Mr. Scrooge, we also accept returns past 30-days and up to 60 days, except you're responsible for return postage.

    Customer Care

    Working with a Lumen Master at GoodBulb will be the quickest way to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that you may have. It's good to be good. Buying light bulbs is not as easy as it once was. At GoodBulb we pride ourselves on making your experience, enjoyable, fun, and easy. That’s why I love my wife, and she has me for a lifetime. We want to earn your business for a lifetime. Giving back is what GoodBulb does, for 1.2 billion people live without light. Purchasing a light bulb can make a difference in the lives of others.


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