why we do good

goodbulb doing good
GoodBulb delivered 2,000 solar lanterns to Ugandan villages in June 2018.

GoodBulb is devoted to doing good and providing families with safe sources of light.  

As a lighting company, we can provide you with everything from the bulb you screw into your living room lamp to the ballast you install in your warehouse.

When you buy a lightbulb from GoodBulb, a portion of the proceeds are used to help others. Whether it’s a local fundraiser or delivering solar lanterns to villages in Uganda, GoodBulb is always striving to give back and help improve lives.

“Individuals and businesses around the world are all given a choice to make a difference,” said Tom Enright, GoodBulb’s CEO. “I believe in choices. When we started GoodBulb, we made the choice to use it as a vehicle for good.”

GoodBulb did just that when it delivered 2,000 solar lanterns to villages in Uganda in June 2018. More than 1.2 billion people globally live without access to electricity, relying instead on kerosene, a highly-flammable fuel oil. GoodBulb is working to reduce the reliance on kerosene by donating solar-powered lighting to these communities.

"Lighting is an industry that has been around for over a century, but GoodBulb is the first of its kind to sell socially-responsible light bulbs. We give back with every sale to those without access to electricity and safe lighting options to help end the reliance on kerosene," Enright said. 

GoodBulb worked with STEP Uganda, a nonprofit that supports transformation in rural communities, to distribute the lanterns.

At GoodBulb, we incorporates this mission of giving back into our everyday business.

“Everything you do is about doing good or being good,” said Brian Hotten, GoodBulb’s sales and operations manager. “We constantly ask ourselves, ‘through our actions and daily activities, how can we help someone else who may be less fortunate, through small actions or giving back?’”  

By the end of 2018, GoodBulb will donate 500 solar lanterns for disaster relief in the United States.

“Doing good, to me, means providing opportunities that allow others to succeed, and that allows for the betterment of our planet in every sense,” said Amanda Wiedmeier, GoodBulb’s customer service manager. “There are so many different ways one person can have a positive impact, and I am proud to be part of a company that sees the opportunity to do exactly that on a global scale. We can all start small, however, and do good for ourselves, our families, and our communities – all of which adds to the bigger picture.”

To find out more about the GoodBulb mission, visit our website, call us at (800) 210-2495 or email us at hello@goodbulb.com.