Find out why people love GoodBulb

(5 stars) “GoodBulb rocks!”

Goodbulb rocks! Always super helpful and sometimes the super friendly office puppydog is there. Good customer service and friendly dogs gets 5 stars from me.
- Tim C.

(5 stars) “Better lighting”

We needed better lighting in our potato warehouse, with the assistance of the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Good Bulb, we are now fitted with bright, long lasting LED lights to help make our work environment brighter and more safe!
– Dean T.

(5 stars) 
“Friendly service”

I walked into their location unannounced and was met immediately by Tom and Chris. I had three old random bulbs and they knew exactly what the equivalent bulb would be. After just a few minutes in the stock area I was set to go. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff all around. Very pleased with my experience.
– Bailey N.

(5 stars) 
“Great service and quality products”

GoodBulb was the first place I went to when I needed additional lighting for our First Care Health Center Harvest Fest event. Brian Hotten and Tom Enright helped me select the right bulbs to increase the lighting but maintain the ambiance of an autumn setting. GoodBulb provides great service and quality products.
– Ruth J.

(5 stars) 
“Cheaper than a retail store”

Much cheaper than when purchased at a retail store!
– Karen H.

(5 stars) 
“Perfect condition”

Items arrived 1 day earlier than time frame and in perfect condition exactly as described. Installed bulb and working great.
– Laurel S.

(5 stars) 
“Excellent customer service”

Excellent customer service! I feel like this business really cares about me. Highly recommend!
– Mikala H.

(5 stars) 
“Definitely would order again”

All came in great shape! Definitely would order again!
– Robert F.

(5 stars) 
“Would recommend them to others”

Super. Would use GoodBulb again and recommend them to others.
– Paul R.

(5 stars) 
“Just what I was looking for”

Just what I was looking for to use in my arc lamp. Throws the light up into the reflector with very little glare. Perfect.
– Alan S.

(5 stars) 
“Will use again”

The correct lightbulbs arrived well packaged and intact and within the time promised. I will use them again.
– Mark R.