At the heart of our mission is a simple statement...

Be Good.

Buy Light Give Light

With every light bulb you purchase, GoodBulb provides light to families who live without electricity. Here’s more of our story and how you can make a difference:

It started with a light bulb, and a desire to transform an industry that’s been around forever.

16 percent of the world’s population still lives without electricity.

GoodBulb believes we all have the opportunity to create a positive impact.

We believe you will join us in choosing to buy quality products that help you create that positive impact in the world.

The Mission

GoodBulb was born with a mission to provide energy efficient lighting products while providing Good Savings, Good Education, and supporting Good Causes.

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Why Light

1 in 7 people do not have access to electricity

That's 1.2 billion people

16% of the global population live without light after sunset

Those who live without electricity often rely on kerosene lanterns.
These are inefficient, expensive, and dangerous.

Consumes 30% of their income

Causes Respiratory disease and is equal to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day

Is responsible for 3% of the world's CO2 emissions

Kerosene Is the #1 cause for devastating fires in remote villages, destroying homes and endangering lives

For those who live without electricity, our
mission takes on new meaning

Good Savings

Saving lungs, eyes and homes from the damage of kerosene smoke and fires, and saving money by providing more efficient lighting.

Good Education

Greater access to light means students can study after dark and are able to do better in school.

Good Causes

Providing sustainable lighting solutions means these families are saving time, money and energy, allowing them to lead lives that are truly filled with light on the outside— and the inside.

Where we give

We donated money and lanterns to One Million Lights, a non-profit that works around the world to provide clean and healthy lighting to rural communities.

All over the world GoodBulb solar lanterns are the only source of light for families who live without electricity.

GoodBulb solar lanterns have also been donated for disaster relief across the United States.

Colored light bulbs shine to support causes you care about. GoodBulb has donated proceeds to the corresponding non-profits.

How do you impact lives with light? Share your light bulb moment!

Got a bright idea for how to give back with light? We’d love to hear it.

My Bright Idea…

It all begins with your light…

Everytime you buy a bulb, you’re spreading light around the globe.

Our Impact

  • Parents can afford to send their children to school

  • Eliminate kerosene lanterns

  • Savings lives by preventing kerosene fires

  • Preventing respiratory disease

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Supporting national and worldwide causes and organizations

About the Founder

Tom Enright starting selling light bulbs door-to-door in Chicago in 2001. Over the next 8 years, he moved to Fargo, North Dakota to become a manager for a national lighting company and married his wife Tammy. In 2009, as they started a family, Tom decided to start his own lighting company. Over the next 3 years, the business grew and he became a national lighting distributor.
In 2013, Tom and Tammy’s infant son was diagnosed with a rare and devastating form of seizures. For the next 2 years, they traveled for medical treatment while juggling their growing business. In the next few years to follow, they unexpectedly lost both of their fathers. Their son had a miraculous outcome and they searched for a way to give back. In 2015 the idea of Goodbulb was born.

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