X-Life | LED = 40 watt | 5-yr | Xtreme Life | Sunset Dim 2700-1800K | XL828


Twist it. Screw It. Time to dim those lights...oh, those are fun days… As you dim these bulbs, get ready, for the mood will be set. This may be your lucky day.

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X-Life | LED = 40 watt | 5-yr | Xtreme Life | Sunset Dim 2700-1800K | XL828
X-Life | LED = 40 watt | 5-yr | Xtreme Life | Sunset Dim 2700-1800K | XL828

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    Twist it. Screw It. Time to dim those lights...oh, those are fun days… As you dim these bulbs, get ready, for the mood will be set. This may be your lucky day.


    • SKU: XL828|40w|A15|DIM|4
    • Bulb Shape: A15
    • Wattage: 3.5 Watts
    • CRI: 80 CRI
    • Brand: GoodBulb
    • Operation Type: Open or Enclosed
    • Power Voltage: 120 Volts
    • MPN (Part No.): XL828 Premium LEDs
    • Base Code: E26
    • Color Temperature: 2700-1800 Kelvin
    • Life Hours: 15,000 Hours
    • Lighting Technology: Light-Emitting Diode
    • Lighting Code: X-Life|A15|LED|E26|27-18K
    • Base Type: Medium
    • Dimmable: Warm Dimming
    • Lumens: 300 Lumens
    • Lumens Per Watt: 85 Lm/W
    • Wattage Equivalence: 40w Equal
    • Beam Spread: 140° | Wide Beam
    • Finish: White
    • Height: 3.5 Inches
    • Bulb: Stronger|Brighter|LongerLife
    • Width: 2 Inches
    • Contains Mercury: No
    • Suitable Location: Indoor | Outdoor Fixtures
    • UL Listed: Yes
    • Shatter Guard: Shatter Resistant
    • Replaces: BadBulbs
    • Lighting Technology: Xtreme Life Series
    • This Bulb Helps: You Save Money
    • Estimated Annual Energy Cost: 0.62
    • Warranty: 3 Years


    Manufactured Tougher | Beautiful Light | ONLY For Customers Who Give a F#@k

    Are you tired of changing light bulbs that seem to burn out left, and right? Seriously, there may be more burnouts in your property than at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in 1970's San Francisco. And my brother happens to live down the street from that corner. Are you tired of walking your property, your hotel or home and seeing light bulbs that are different colors? If this is you, then you give a f#@k and should continue reading? GoodBulb has the absolute best LED bulbs. Light bulbs that have become a favorite option for commercial and industrial businesses everywhere because GoodBulb’s last a long freaking time. They will reduce energy and maintenance costs, while providing a quality of light that makes a drastic difference. Your electric bill and time spent changing light bulbs is going to be minimal. The improvement in light quality is what everyone will see, the burnouts will stay out of your business, let them stay in San Francisco, my brother loves it out there.

    To understand if the 2700-1800 kelvin, tough as nails, dimmable A15 LED, is the correct LED for your application one must first start at the beginning and gain a better understanding for light, how the lighting industry works, how lumens make a huge difference and how kelvin can change everything. We are replacing the light bulb that started it all, the light bulb that is the Godfather of planned obsolescence. The very first product that was manufactured by the Bazillions and changed that way we live as Americans. In 1925 light bulbs in your business and your home was life changing. Today, we take the light bulb for granted, especially when 16% of the world’s population still does not have access to electricity.

    Light bulbs... light was one of the very first products in the early 1900s that changed the way major corporations manufacture a product. Thomas Edison was one of the original founders of GE in the early 1900's. Other lighting companies like Shelby Electric began to emerge making long life light bulbs. Bigger companies like GE, Philips, Sylvania, and others were not happy because they made short life bulbs. One of the long-life bulbs manufactured by a Shelby Electric is still going strong lighting a California firehouse for over 1 million hours and 100 years.

    That's when the Phoebus cartel was formed in Switzerland in 1925. The cartel included manufacturers Sylvania, General Electric, Associated Electrical Industries, Philips, and others. The cartel put in writing that if a light bulb lasted more than 3,000 hours, then the corporation will be fined. The A Shape incandescent was the bulb that started it all. They controlled life hours and formed new worldwide territories forcing consumers to buy bad light bulbs. Light bulbs that were going to fail. Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. Humphry Davy invented the light bulb using the carbon filament. Edison invented planned obsolescence and a way to make a fortune by selling the light bulb. Davy died poor while Edison used his 10,000 fails to engineer planned failer into a good product. He used his big, beautiful brain to cheat your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Planned obsolescence is when a company purposefully manufactures a product to fail and light bulb companies are the original Godfathers of Planned Obsolescence. This is the first product in America that was manufactured with a planned life span and fragile design. With incandescent light bulbs these major corporations stole, cheated, and deceived your ancestors. They are doing the same thing to YOU with LED, and they will continue this trend when your children need to spend their money replacing light bulbs.

    Stop Buying BadBulbs

    Is the smooth dim 2700 kelviin to 1800 kelvin, Xtreme Life Series, A15 shape LED LED light bulb perfect for your application? The XL828 premium A shape LED light bulb consumes only 3.5 watts and punches 300 lumens.

    First you should understand how kelvin, the color of light can trick the eyes. If you have two rows of light bulbs and each row is a different kelvin, and each bulb produced the same amount of light or lumens. The bulb with the highest kelvin temperature would look the brightest to the naked eye. For example, a 5000-kelvin bulb will look brighter than a 3000-kelvin bulb even though it produces the exact same amount of light or lumens. Seeing is believing but with bulbs seeing can be deceiving. To better understand how much light is being illuminated look at the Lumens not the Watts. Watts and LED only matter on an electric bill. The chart below compares Lumens and Watts. You know what watt so match up the Lumens from the chart and start shop for something in that ballpark. But you’re not done yet for you still have a few decisions to make so keep reading….

    Make a decision on how much light you need using the chart above. This is an important decision because one change in lumen output or kelvin temperature can make a huge difference in how light impacts your business or home. We will talk about that next and if you have any questions just call or email us, and we would love to help. My team of lighting specialists are the best in the world. They know light bulbs.

    Color is a powerful element, and the color of light can influence buying decisions, enhance our ability to learn and interact. It establishes the tone and personality of the illuminated space. The fuller, more continuous curve of LED technology enables our LED lamps to precisely render a much larger color set than fluorescent phosphors. Your business will look nicer with the correct LED and anyone who walks through your doors will notice how nice it looks.

    Is smooth dim 2700 kelviin to 1800 kelvin the best color of light for your business or home?

    2400 kelvin LED is the sunset spectrum of light that is just a hair warmer than an old incandescent light bulb. With LED technology the color of light is very similar to an incandescent. There is a stronger mix of orange light mimicking that early morning sunrise. This bulb is made for a soothing, romantic spaces in your home or business.

    Made the Good Way

    Not all Bulbs are created Equal. Some are Good. Some are Bad. Some walk the Grey Line.

    Super Strength

  • GoodBulb A shape LEDs are manufactured with an extra thick single-mold poly housing with super tight LED binning devised to maintain light output while withstanding vibration and external stresses that shorten lamp life in BadBulbs. You can use these LEDs indoors or outdoors. You can use them in open or enclosed fixtures. You can bounce this LED, play catch with this LED, you can drop this LED. It's super tough and can handle just about anything that crosses it's path.
  • Longer Life Span

  • GoodBulb LEDs incorporate thermal management to dissipate heat away from the LEDs extending lamp life and lumen output. BadBulbs can burn out as early as 6 months with an average life of 1 to 2 years. GoodBulb LEDs can last 10 to 20 years.
  • Gorgeous Beams

  • Lighting is the 8th element in good design, turning colors and textures into a vibrant palette of finishes and materials. GoodBulb LEDs illuminate in a crisp, clean spectrum of light where color pops and textures stand out. Your finishes will have depth and luster.
  • Brighter Light

  • Every GoodBulb LED includes carefully curated, high-quality LEDs and leverages advanced optics to direct light where it is needed without sacrificing visual comfort.
  • Money is the Greatest Superpower of All

  • Every month you will have bonus money in your bank account because your electric bills are lower. Every month you will have more money because you don't have to purchase replacement light bulbs. Every month your cash flow improves for you are not spending time or paying someone to change light bulbs. These LEDs are printing money for the next 10 to 20 years.
  • Tip of the Day/span>

    Do not screw your A shape bulbs into recessed cans. The heat buildup is bad for LEDs. Use BR30’s, PAR LEDs, or retrofit cans that direct the light in your recessed lighting. And always be careful how, what and where your screw... the bulb | come on man...

    BadBulbs are Everywhere

    Top 3 ways big brands manufacture BadBulbs.

    1. Cheap Chips & Knock Off Power Supplies

  • Not designed for commercial and industrial lighting applications
  • 2. Poor Thermal Management

  • To increase light output, BadBulbs overdrive the LEDs and fail to optimize thermal management with appropriate heatsinking technology. The excessive heat will dramatically shorten bulb life.
  • 3. Missing secondary optics lens.

  • BadBulbs eliminate the secondary optics lens to drive LPW higher. They are sacrificing light efficacy, visual comfort, and overall efficiency in the process.
  • Environmentally Friendly Bulbs

    • Made from Non-Toxic Materials
    • Energy Efficient
    • Higher Lumens Per Watt
    • Minimal Heat Loss
    • Longer Life Reduces Waste
    • Reduced waste can help save our beautiful Planet.

      Is your space designed for a relaxing atmosphere, do other lights blend with your new LEDs in the business or home, or is this a space where work gets done? For A shape LEDs measure the length and width of your existing bulb to make sure the LED replacement will fit. GoodBulb uses a form factor design in all LEDs, so each shape is identical to older technology incandescent or halogen bulbs. If you are replacing twisty CFL's you should measure the space in each fixture. This will tell us if you have the correct shape LED and what kelvin of light is best for your design.

      If you have questions, we have lighting specialists in the office that would love to help. Ask for a Lumen Master. They will ask you a few questions to make sure we deliver the absolute best LED. If this is your first time ordering from GoodBulb you should count how many BadBulbs are going to be upgraded. This will allow us to calculate your energy savings and tell us how much light you are used to working under. We have so many options and one change in lumen output or kelvin temperature can make a huge difference in how light enhances your business or home. If you any questions just call or email us and we would love to help.

      Thanks for reading... Are you surprised that light bulbs had such a colorful history and culture of deceiving Americans? You now understand why buying light bulbs is so complicated and so much harder than just buying a 60-watt light bulb. The first thing we should do is listen to Grandma Irene, she told me more than once to think before I act. So, my friend, go through the check list - think about the product and order once.

      Thanks for shopping GoodBulb and joining us on our mission to BeGood. Every purchase helps bring light to families who live without electricity, in a way, you're a superhero. In a lot of ways, you care about the earth and our reducing Global Pollution with every Good LED that your purchase. We are proud to work with you and would love to help more. If you have questions on a particular bulb, such as what light bulb is best suited for your space, or questions on how to install a bulb (that you purchased from us), contact us. Our lighting specialists are happy to help, 1 (701) 205-4953, or email us at

      Shipping and Returns

      Shopping at GoodBulb is not your traditional online shopping experience, after all, how can a company have "good" in its name and not provide top quality products, shipping times, and customer care. That's why we make it a point to ship orders as quickly as possible, with most orders shipping the same day your order is placed with all orders being processed within 2-3 business days. It's important to note orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays, it's our way of being good to those who make GoodBulb great.

      We're not completely sure how the return process works, we don't get a lot of returns here at GoodBulb. Think our last return was in 2010...people love good products. But if you happen to be the Scrooge on Christmas Eve, know that we offer prepaid returns for all requests received within 30-days from delivery. It doesn't stop there Mr. Scrooge, we also accept returns past 30-days and up to 60 days, except you're responsible for return postage.

      Customer Care

      Working with a Lumen Master at GoodBulb will be the quickest way to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that you may have. It's good to be good. Buying light bulbs is not as easy as it once was. At GoodBulb we pride ourselves on making your experience, enjoyable, fun, and easy. That’s why I love my wife, and she has me for a lifetime. We want to earn your business for a lifetime. Giving back is what GoodBulb does, for 1.2 billion people live without light. Purchasing a light bulb can make a difference in the lives of others.


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