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Retrofit means to furnish or modify something, such as a computer, airplane, automobile, or even a factory with new or modified parts or equipment which was not available (or considered necessary) at the time of manufacture. You could also look at it from the perspective of installing, fitting or adapting a device or system for use with something older. For instance, you could retrofit solar heating to a poorly insulated house - or, retrofit a T-Rex costume with lasers, a GPS system, and full audio projection because “reasons” (hey, we can dream...)

Retrofit kits in lighting, however, are capable of performing with a variety of preferences, such as lumen outputs, color temperature, voltages, and wattages consumed. These kits are the perfect way to switch from older, less efficient lamps to the most efficient LEDs available on the market.

Many people opt for the retrofitting option for one very simple reason: cost. With their existing fixtures in fully functional condition, installing new LED fixtures could mean incurring unnecessary costs while removing perfectly usable lighting components. In such cases, it makes perfect sense to choose to retrofit over a full replacement.

Light Bulb Moments

What do you think of when you hear the word Retro? Don’t you think of a revival of trends and styles from the past? For instance, music or fashion of the '50s and ’60s, or a recreation of the gadgets of yesteryears like the radio, record player or maybe even a banana seat bicycle? When it comes to lighting, though, retrofitting simply means to renovate your old, existing fixtures or bulbs to create a new aesthetic and improve functionality, all while saving you money!

In case it wasn't already obvious, LED Retrofit kits convert your existing fixture to LED, enabling you to start using LED bulbs and tubes.  In other words, you can create instant energy savings by updating your fixtures and recapitalize the installation to help renovate or bring a fresh, new look to your entire space! What's more, is that LED Retrofit Kits can be switched on and off instantly without affecting their life spans, thus allowing the introduction of motion sensors, photocells, timers or other controls. How neat is that?

Did You Know?

In the USA, there are many incentives offered by the government and local municipalities to switch the lighting in your home or business to LED! Read: the government will PAY YOU to upgrade from inefficient incandescent lighting to LED in order to put less of a strain on energy consumption, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. This includes a possible tax break, too! There are restrictions, however, and you must meet specific certifications to qualify, but that is a small hurdle to get over if you're willing to see the bigger picture and do your part to aid in the shift toward a more sustainable infrastructure.

Going green pays!

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