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Type A+B Hybrid LED Bulbs

Type A+B Hybrid 4 ft Retrofit T8 LED bulbs are quickly becoming the preferred choice to replace fluorescent tubes. This is due to their ability to work as a Plug-n-Play bulb, which works using the existing ballast in your fixture, as well as a Direct Wire or Ballast Bypass option, which works by bypassing the installed ballast with a bit of rewiring. Hybrid bulbs eliminate the need to choose between the two options, giving you more versatility for your projects without the fuss. Most Hybrids work as a Type A Plug-and-Play until the existing ballast dies. Once that happens, the ballast is removed and a simple rewire is required to have your fixture work directly off the main power supply.

If you install a Type AB Hybrid bulb with the ballast in tact and the bulb doesn't work, there may be a ballast compatibility issue or you may need to convert to the Direct Wire option and rewire your ballast (hey, ballasts go bad just like bulbs do). Hybrid tubes function in plug-and-play mode with both shunted and non-shunted sockets. Make note, however, that if and when you convert a fixture to operate a Hybrid LED with the direct wire function that you should swap out any shunted sockets for non-shunted. This will allow your Hybrid tube to work as a direct T8 LED bulb! If you need help in figuring out the best match for your setup, or if you have any questions about the differences in Type A, Type B, and Type AB Hybrid LEDs, please reach out to our lighting gurus here at GoodBulb.

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