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An LED Bulb remains just a plain, no-frills LED Bulb that is until it gets married and joined with a light fixture. Once bonded, it starts functioning as a happy, integrated, energy-efficient light source! What's more, with the plug-and-play style LEDs and a compatible fixture you can stop worrying about maintenance recurring costs. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

LED Indoor Fixtures have come a long way from the simple socket inside a lampshade. LED bulbs in the market today fit a variety of socket types, and LED fixtures are now available for every space inside the home. Everything from your living room and bedroom, to your kitchen and bathroom. They can add unique style and character to your living spaces, and are quite versatile. Offered in an array of styles for your ceiling lights, cove lights, recessed lights, track lights, panel lights, and tube lights, to name just a few.

At GoodBulb you can find LED Indoor Fixtures that satisfy your own interesting interior decor and lighting requirements that also reflect on your sense of aesthetic. Among our selection of styles are Surface Mount, Designer Linear, Direct/Indirect Light fixtures, Designer Strip, LED Wrap, LED Panel, LED High Bay and Low Bay, and many more. We use cutting-edge technology to innovate and evolve and follow the latest trends in lighting. A new fixture adds value to your space, both residential and commerical, and we recommend consulting one of our Certified Lighting Experts to help design and transform the look of any room with the right mix of LED lights and fixtures. Let us help you keep your hard-earned dollars where they belong: your pocket!

Light Bulb Moments

Haven’t we all heard the expression referencing someone or something as being a “permanent fixture”? This saying is often relating to a person or object as being familiar, instantly recognizable as belonging, or invariably present in a particular setting. Most especially if that person or thing has been a part of something for a very long time.

Could it be that this expression came into being because light fittings, with their durability and enduring qualities, became an integral part of a decor or setting, and people started referring to them as a “permanent fixture”? It seems logical then that “light fittings” naturally evolved in namesake to earn the monicker “light fixtures”! Of course, today with quickly changing trends and advances in technology, replacements are the order of the day. As such, dying technologies, like incandescent and fluorescent light fittings, are rapidly replaced with LED versions, though we continue to refer to them as fixtures in passing.

Did You Know?

Ancient Egyptians used light fixtures. It’s true! But these weren’t light fixtures as you and I would recognize them today, for obvious reasons. A distinct lack of electricity, given it had not yet been discovered, meant that ancient civilizations had to rely upon other natural sources, and some creative ingenuity, to illuminate their world once the sun went down.

We know that ancient Egyptians utilized lamps of all kinds throughout their history, as demonstrated by the cult of Osiris which required the use of lamps to worship their God. However, there has been a distinct lack of examples of ancient lamps recovered from archeological digs. One reason for this would be the use of a device that we would not immediately recognize as a light fixture in 2019: a simple pot or a bowl. Breaking from what society sees as a light fixture by modern standards, ancient Egyptians most likely utilized a technology known as a floating wick. This lighting technology works by floating a wick in a vessel filled with a slow-burning, flammable oil, like olive or some other vegetable oil. This would allow spaces not privy to an abundance of natural light during the daytime, or any occupied space after sunset, to benefit from a long-lasting and efficient (given that point in history) lamp!

Obviously not the safest of technologies, an open flame in any space increases the likelihood of causing devastation in any setting. But we must give credit to the resourcefulness of humans, both past and present. We cannot run until we learn to walk, and an open flame light fixture is just one stepping stone in our history which made LED technology a possibility!

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