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Ok, so what exactly is a PL Lamp?

What kind of light bulb has 2, 3, or 4 tubes, 2 or 4 pins, and what appears to be random letters and numbers smooshed together to describe it? That would be the CFL PL lamp, and these interesting bulbs have quite a variety of uses. Available from 5 Watts to 42 Watts, depending on exactly which CFL PL lamp you are looking for, these are versatile bulbs that have become a staple in non-residential spaces -  think offices, retail stores, hotels, schools, and more. Developed by Philips Lighting to meet the needs of a specific market, these plug-in bulbs are a unique addition to the CFL family of lighting.

Requiring a pin-based lighting fixture, 2 and 4 Pin PL bulbs utilize a G or GX type base, with the number included in the base code indicating the number of millimeters between the pins. It is important to select a PL bulb with the correct base for your fixture to ensure a proper fit during installation.

We understand PL lamps can be a bit confusing, and we are here to help! Reach out to one of our certified lighting specialists by phone, email, or chat today with any questions you might have about PL lamps and we will gladly guide you in finding the right options for your project, today.

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