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What are T5 Fluorescent Bulbs?

T5 fluorescent light bulbs are high output lamps that are the best choice when high levels of light output and color rendering are required. GoodBulb T5s have a longer than average lifespan and are available in an abundance of colors, wattages, and lengths. What makes purchasing a T5 difficult is that the F28T5 fluorescent looks identical to an F54T5 HO fluorescent and an F49T5 HO fluorescent. What you may not realize is that these bulbs require different ballasts to operate and are used in different lighting applications. Many customers have purchased and installed the wrong bulbs because they didn't check with a Lumen Master. At GoodBulb, our Lumen Masters will take the time to ask the right questions and make sure you are ordering the right bulbs every time.

What exactly is a fluorescent tube?

Fluorescent tubes are a form of light that has been used in the workplace and similar environments for a very long time. Fluorescent lights are basically airtight tubes full of reactive gases that light up when electricity charges up their atoms, which then become fluorescent. That's part of the reason fluorescent tubes explode when dropped from a 12-foot ladder while trying to install a bulb.

I have been in light bulbs for so many years that I think I am becoming part fluorescent. I swear every time my wife looks in my direction, electricity flows through my body and my atoms charge up. 😍

When I was maybe 12 years old I remember playing basketball at the catholic school parking lot over a weekend with my cousin on the southside of Chicago. Electricians were carrying boxes and boxes of burned-out light bulbs to the dumpster while we were playing. My cousin and I have never run so fast after the workers caught us shooting hoops with fluorescent light bulbs.

Recycle Your Fluorescent Bulbs

Buy A Light, Be A Light.

16% of the world's population still lives without electricity. GoodBulb believes we all have the opportunity to create a positive impact. Join us in choosing to buy quality products that help you create that positive impact in the world. Those who live without electricity often rely on kerosene lanterns. These are inefficient, expensive, and dangerous. In fact, Kerosene is the #1 cause for devastating fires in remote villages, destroying homes and endangering lives. With every light bulb you purchase, GoodBulb provides solar lanterns to families who live without electricity.

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