Fluorescent Tubes

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Fluorescent Tubes

Reduce your energy and maintenance costs. The GoodBulb linear fluorescent lamp portfolio offers some of the lowest mercury and longest-life lamps in the industry. Tom has been selling lightbulbs for so long that when he started we are pretty sure T5 fluorescent bulbs had yet to be invented. We know good bulbs and you can see the difference when installed side by side.

You have taken a few moments to read so let's learn something together. Fluorescent lights are basically airtight tubes full of reactive gases that light up when electricity charges up their atoms, which then become...fluorescent.

GoodBulb fluorescent light bulbs are the best choice when high levels of light output and color rendition are required. We average a long life of up to 36,000 hours in multiple lengths and dimensions. T4 - T5 - T8 - T12 and u-bends.

Fluorescent Tube Color Temperatures

The GoodBulb fluorescent 5000-kelvin lamps contain the highest grade phosphor, allowing them to deliver a CRI that is 36% closer to sunlight than cool white fluorescents. With a 5000K temperature, GoodBulb fluorescents offer a much closer resemblance to natural light. They enhance colors and textures, improve visual acuity, and are ideal for businesses where colors must be accurate. The bonus fact is that the fluorescent tubes are TCLP compliant and have a 2-year warranty.

Fluorescent Tube Ballasts

All fluorescent tubes use a ballast. That ballast could operate 1,2,3 or 4 bulbs. Some ballasts actually operate more but those are very rare. I would like you to start thinking of ballast as a battery. Every bulb has a specific ballast or battery that is required to operate it. Just like your flashlights, the batteries will lose energy, and the light in your flashlight begins to fade. The ballast is very similar and needs to be replaced to maintain light output and life hours. An older ballast will shorten the life of the lamp. The benefits of using a new ballast with new fluorescents are increased lamp efficacy, reduced ballast losses, and brighter lamps that last longer.

By using GoodBulb fluorescent lamps, the lamp replacement and labor costs are extended by an extra 2 years on a facility that operates an average of 4000 hours per year. For example, a standard fluorescent bulb that you purchase in box stores is only going to last about 15,000 hours or 3 3/4 years based on 4000 hours a year. Even if my bulbs only lasted 24,000 hours, that would be equal to 6 years before they need to be changed.

The financial impact with the extended life expectancy and GoodBulbs exclusive TCLP compliant low mercury technology is $7.44 per bulb. Multiply that number a few thousand times then call GoodBulb and say Thank You.

Material Cost Avoidance - $4.00
Labor Cost Avoidance - $3.72
Disposal Cost Avoidance - $0.72

Your Welcome - That's what we do. We save you money and we make buying bulbs easy.

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