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The Fabulous Life of Fluorescents

Everyone is familiar with tube lights or fluorescent tubes. You only have to look around in most buildings and will notice them almost everywhere. They are found in all manner of residential and commercial settings, but did you know that not all tube lights are the same? The fluorescent tube continues to evolve to meet different needs, changing hues and shades to better compliment a room's aesthetic, and has even started shrinking (think CFL)!

The built-in advantage of the fluorescent tube is the long light life they provide in comparison to their incandescent counterparts. A traditional incandescent bulb will last between 800 to 1,500 hours on average, where fluorescent lamps live much, much longer, lasting about 10,000 - 50,000 hours or more!

Long-life bulbs offer an added bonus in saving on the cost of maintenance and labor as the need to change out the lamps is so infrequent. What's more, since you are no longer spending so much time replacing light bulbs, you can use fluorescent lamps in harder-to-reach areas with confidence.

Whatever your need, the lighting experts at GoodBulb will help you find the right bulb for your space.


To be a Tubelight, or a tube light, can mean several different things; some of them not so nice... According to a particular online dictionary, to be called a Tubelight means "someone who takes a long time to understand a little thing." While generally an insult made in jest, such name calling has a tendency to be taken too far from time to time, and no one at GoodBulb is a fan of being mean-spirited.

The Tubelight analogy evolved from an object to an insult, however, based on the history of an actual tube light and how it behaved when in use. Tube lights would take a noticeable length of time to reach full brightness, and would often flicker owing to the poor quality of the starter and ballast in the fixture. Thankfully, technology has advanced well in this area, and such issues are no longer a factor. You can be confident with your choice to use a fluorescent tube light these days, and not be a total Tubelight about it either.


Fluorescent lamps can last for an incredible 90,000 hours! The built-in advantage of fluorescent lamps is the long light life they provide. Whereas traditional incandescent bulb will last between 800 to 1,500 hours on an average, fluorescent lamps go wayyyy beyond that. Most will last about 10,000 hours, but many fluorescents are rated to last even longer.

What generally tickles the fancy of most people opting for fluorescent bulbs is the dollars saved both in energy costs, as well as maintenance and replacements. In fact, homeowners often see a return on their initial investment into a fluorescent lamp in about six months! Most households can save $40 or more by replacing just one traditional light bulb with a fluorescent tube or CFL, and the savings will continue to build up from there.

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