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From the Window to the Wall Pack! We don't sell windows, though…

GoodBulb has a wide range of Wall Packs that are not only functionally efficient, but also elegant. Perfect for perimeter lighting in entryways, security lighting on your garage, and in alleys. LED Wall Packs consume less energy and last up to 4x as long as non-LED counterparts. Outdoor lights and fixtures are tools that add value to any property, as well as increase the safety of your surroundings, while boosting the overall security of your home or office. From the view at your window to the wall pack adding brightness and security to your exterior, GoodBulb will help you celebrate the darkness once the sun goes down!

Did You Know?

Uninhabited areas of Australia showed up on a map of Earth images taken at nighttime by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite. Let that sink in. Uninhabited areas showed up, at night, in satellite images. How?

Light Bulb Moment

In 2012, NASA and the NOAA satellite took images of the Earth from orbit and developed a map that showed the footprint of human civilization, as seen by the lights used at nighttime. More populated areas of the different continents shined brighter than rural areas, obviously. Unexpectedly, however, this map also showed something a bit more sinister than light pollution on the surface of the planet. It demonstrated that uninhabited areas were very brightly illuminated, and no one knew why. How could vast land masses, located mostly in Western Australia, that are known to be largely unpopulated, be so bright? Are there pockets of developed societies living in these areas that are unknown to the country and the rest of the world?

Turns out that vast portions of the continent were illuminated on this map due to massive wildfires that were burning, unchecked, throughout the uninhabited areas of the landmass. These fires were burning so largely, and so brightly, they were putting out more light than the capital cities! Other notable night lights appearing on this map in unpopulated areas of the surface, aside from the wildfires in Australia, are from oil drilling in North Dakota’s Bakken Formation - right in GoodBulb’s backyard!

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