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A Case of the Vapors

GoodBulb LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are completely sealed, serving to keep all moisture out, while protecting against harsh elements. They provide high-quality, powerful lighting, with all the added benefits that come with an LED. Designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in interior settings, like food service areas, airports, tunnels, maintenance areas, parking garages, and stairwells. LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are made to function in environments that may otherwise damage fixtures due to damp, smokey, dusty, or steamy elements floating around.

So don't get a case of the vapors when your old fluorescents start malfunctioning. Get a GoodBulb LED Vapor Tight instead and put an end to your woes! (Yeah, we realize this pun is terribly weak...just play along!)

Did You Know?

A bolt of lightning is about 5x hotter than the surface of the sun, which sits at about 10,000° F. Meaning the streaks of light that inch across a stormy sky register at around 50,000° F on any given day! What's more, each lightning strike contains around 1 million joules. Imagine, people have been struck by this massive energy and lived to talk about it. Ouch!

Light Bulb Moment

There is a lightning hotspot located in a small area of northern South America. The southern end of Lake Maracaibo in northwestern Venezuela has a flash rate density of 232.52. That means lightning flashes in this area, on average, 232.52 times per square kilometer, per year! That is insane! Nocturnal thunderstorms occur on about 297 days of the year, every year, in this spot. Locals refer to this bizarre anomaly as "Relámpago del Catatumbo", and have done so for hundreds of years. Now, if only there was a way to harness the power of lightning for practical use. 1 lighting strike only carries about 1/4 of a KW-hour of power, which roughly translates to about a nickel's worth of energy. The idea is pretty neat though, regardless!

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