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They're light bulbs! But smaller.

As opposed to their time-honored and conventional halogen counterparts, LED Miniature bulbs can be handled with bare hands without fear that the oils from your skin will cause hot spots. Do you know how fantastic that is?! LED tech is making replacing your existing mini bulbs a breeze, and odds are that GoodBulb has the perfect replacement miniature LED for your application. If you don't see what you need, we will happily help you find it! And, thanks to advancements in LED science, these miniature bulbs are energy-efficient alternatives to halogen lamps, providing long-lasting light to save your hard-earned cash.

Did You Know?

LEDs are a boon for horticulture. They provide the light for photosynthesis and control the plant from germination all the way to vegetative growth and flowering. Use LEDs in your greenhouse or to give your spring planting a head start!

Light Bulb Moment

NASA is using a plant growth system, called Veggie, on the International Space Station to grow and harvest food in a microgravity environment. Back in 2015, Expedition 44 crew members (including Scott Kelly, the "one-year astronaut") grew and harvested a crop of "Outrageous" red romaine lettuce that was part of an ongoing experiment to provide sustainable food supplementation for future pioneers, as part of NASA's Journey to Mars plans. The Veggie system is a collapsible and expandable unit that features a flat panel light bank made up of red, blue, and green LED lights, which serve to enable plant growth in space. LEDs for plant growth is not a new idea, dating back to the late 1990s, but the implementation of LEDs for plant growth has been challenging. Veggie's first successful harvest collected vital data for NASA to continue developing this experiment, and to produce the most nutritionally-sound and beneficial foods for long-term astronauts to consume in the future.

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