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An LED remains just a plain, no-frills LED until it meets the right fixture. Once they get together, the LED starts functioning as a happy, integrated, energy-efficient light source! Better yet, with the plug-and-play style LEDs in a compatible fixture, you can stop worrying about recurring maintenance costs. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us!

LED Indoor Fixtures have come a long way from the simple socket inside a lampshade. LED bulbs on the market today fit a variety of socket types. LED fixtures are now available for every space inside the home, office, and business. Adding a unique style and character to your spaces, LED Indoor fixtures are versatile and satisfy even the most demanding lighting requirements. Not to sound cocky, but we are pretty positive that our LED Indoor Fixtures are the bee's knees (which is saying a lot, since bees knees are pretty neat).

Did You Know?

Ancient Egyptians used light fixtures. It's true! Not light fixtures as you and I would recognize them today, but light fixtures all the same.

Light Bulb Moment

A distinct lack of electricity (given it had not yet been discovered) meant that ancient civilizations had to rely upon other natural sources, and some creative ingenuity, to illuminate their world when the sun went down.

We know that ancient Egyptians utilized lamps of all kinds throughout their history, as demonstrated by the cult of Osiris. They required the use of lamps to worship their God. However, a distinct lack of examples of ancient lamps recovered from archeological digs has made demonstrating lamp use by these people difficult. One reason would be the use of a device not immediately recognizable as a light fixture by today's standards: a simple pot or a bowl

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