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Area lights. Parking lot lights. One and the same, here! GoodBulb LED Area Fixtures provide an optimal combination of performance, energy, efficiency, and light control. Offering a nice aesthetic to these outdoor spaces. LED Area Fixtures bring a uniform lighting experience to large areas that include more than just your average parking lot. Walkways, building grounds, open spaces in neighborhoods, parks...you name it! Increase safety by illuminating walking paths and potential obstacles to traffic, and boost your property's security factor by flooding large outdoor spaces in bright LED light.

Did You Know?

Proper outdoor lighting can significantly reduce crime rates.

Light Bulb Moment

Led by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the NYPD, and the NYC Housing Authority, Crime Lab, a scientific research team, developed and implemented a six-month randomized and controlled trial in New York City. It studied the effect that installation of new outdoor lighting had on crime rates in those areas. The study concluded that increased levels of lighting reduced index crimes by 7%. Index crimes are a subset of major offenses including murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and property crimes. More specifically, index crimes at night were reduced by 39%. That's HUGE!

Past studies on this subject have been inconclusive and all over the map but have admittedly not focused on crimes specifically committed at nighttime. The implications of these findings could help cities, large and small, combat crime and keep residents much safer!

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