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Here you will find an eclectic mix of bulbs that cater to a unique set of needs and applications. From small replacement bulbs for your Himalayan Salt lamp or Scented Wax warmer, to microwave bulbs and LED Exit Signs. If you can’t find it here, we can find it for you! There are so many, many, MANY different kinds of light bulbs in the world we couldn't possibly list ALL OF THEM for you. If you're looking for something specific and don't see it on our website, reach out to us by email, phone or live chat and we will help get what you need delivered as quickly as possible!

Did You Know?

Internal ballasts and drivers are a thing, and are usually built right into your household bulbs. LEDs generally include a built-in internal driver. CFLs house a solid-state ballast, which enable them to be screwed into your standard, E26 socket. Without that kind of compatibility, neither form of bulb would likely have caught on with consumers.

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LED tube lamps designed to replace fluorescents often have an integrated driver, allowing tubes to fit into existing fixtures. This is a huge advantage to commercial property owners and facility managers, as it cuts down the capital investment required to switch over from an existing lighting system. On the flip side, remote ballasts and drivers operate lamps from a distance, often located far away from the actual lamps or fixtures they are connected to. These remote-type ballasts and drivers are used to power more than one light at a time, and are used in applications like modular sports lighting and other systems that require the use of high wattage or high output lamps.

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10 Items

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