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Fluo·res·cent → Flour·scent → Scented Flour?

Well, that escalated... weirdly. Hardly scented flour we are dealing with here (what is that anyway?) but fluorescent bulbs are a pretty recognizable technology these days. Difficult to spell, sure, but very easy to use. Fluorescent bulbs have been a standard, energy-saving replacement for incandescents for years. They are still highly sought after due to their long life and dependability. Fluorescent High Bays have been the working horses in commercial lighting since their inception. Offered in a variety of sizes and designs, Fluorescent High Bay fixtures offer directional lighting for spaces in both residential and commercial settings. Traditionally utilizing a ballast to operate their installed lamps, these fixtures can be converted to use LED tubes as well! For help navigating what kind of tubes work with each fixture, and for any questions you may have about how to best take advantage of both Fluorescent High Bays and LED technology, reach out to us via phone, email or live chat!

Did You Know?

The average life span of most fluorescent bulbs is around 10,000 hours; however, some can last for up to 90,000 hours! In comparison, traditional incandescent bulbs will last between 800-1500 hours on average, and LEDs replacements for fluorescent tubes average around 50,000.

Light Bulb Moment

To be a Tubelight, or a tube light, can mean several different things; some of them not so nice... According to Urban Dictionary, to be called a Tubelight means "someone who takes a long time to understand a little thing." While generally an insult made in jest, such name calling has a tendency to be taken too far from time to time, and no one at GoodBulb is a fan of being mean-spirited.

The Tubelight analogy evolved from an object to an insult, however, based on the history of an actual tube light and how it behaved when in use. Tube lights would take a noticeable length of time to reach full brightness and would often flicker, causing poor quality of the starter and ballast in the fixture. Thankfully, technology has advanced well in this area, and such issues are no longer a factor. You can be confident with your choice to use a Fluorescent Tube Light these days, and not be a total Tubelight about it either!

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