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Not the same Acorns that one squirrel keeps chasing…

You know which squirrel we mean...he just can't seem to get his hands on his prize. Poor guy. GoodBulb's Acorn 360° LED bulbs, however, are within easy reach! Designed for many outdoor applications, such as a fixture attached to a post where tons of light is required. Think parking lots, baseball fields, or scale models of our solar system when you're needing a good representation of the sun... the possibilities are endless! We offer a number of high-quality LED post top retrofits that are versatile in their use, extending great light, savings, and security with minimal maintenance.

Did You Know?

Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb. In fact, he was just one person in a long line of others, who contributed to the development of this life-changing technology. In 1800, Alessandro Volta introduced the first practical method of generating electricity in the form of the voltaic pile. The voltaic pile is the predecessor of the modern battery and is considered to be one of the earliest manifestations of incandescent lighting. Humphry Davy, an English chemist and inventor, is credited with creating the very first electric arc lamp by connecting a voltaic pile to charcoal electrodes in 1802.

Light Bulb Moment

The mathematical equation for the correct use of electricity in circuits was published in 1827 by Georg Ohm. This equation, known as Ohm's law, came to fruition 27 years after Humphry Davy introduced the first light bulb to humanity. That was more than half a century before Thomas Edison invented the first commercially feasible incandescent light bulb. That’s nuts! Ohm's law calculates the correct voltage of electricity, given the current and resistance of any electrical circuit.

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