Bulbrite-701111-11 watt-S14-E26 base-CLEAR FINISH-Indicator 25 Pack


A decorative incandescent is like a new pair of high heels. They may not be the most practicle choice but wow they look good.


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Bulbrite-701111-11 watt-S14-E26 base-CLEAR FINISH-Indicator 25 Pack
Bulbrite-701111-11 watt-S14-E26 base-CLEAR FINISH-Indicator 25 Pack

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    A decorative incandescent is like a new pair of high heels. They may not be the most practicle choice but wow they look good.



    • SKU: 701111 25 Pack
    • Wattage: 11
    • CRI: 100
    • Brand: Bulbrite
    • Power Voltage: 130
    • MPN (Part No.): 701111 25 Pack
    • Base Code: E26
    • Color Temperature: 2700K
    • Life Hours: 5000
    • Lighting Code: Indicator, Sign & Night Light: S11, S14
    • Lighting Technology: INCANDESCENT
    • Lumens: 75
    • Beam Spread: N/A
    • Finish: Clear
    • Nominal Length (Inches): 3.333
    • Energy Star: No
    • Warranty: N/A


    Lets start with facts. S11 and S14 light bulbs may have been more popular in Las Vegas than black jack and pole dancers. These bulbs have been used for sign lighting, indicator lighting and night lights since before my wife's Grandma and Grandpa who lived in central Minnesota were making moonshine in the 1920s and shipping it down to Al Capone's neighborhood in Chicago. What makes this a very small world is that my Grandparents lived in Chicago, South Side. The same neighborhoods were Al Capone was involved in a wide range of criminal activites and illegal distribution of alcohol . I wonder if my Grandparents drank that moonshine that was produced by my wife's family. Wouldn't that be cool. What if the Enright family tree was extended because of that moonshine and I end up meeting my wife 85 years later because of it. Anyways, it was really good moonshine, They found a barrel that was left over on the farm and we still have some left, only a few pulls that will be saved for a special occasion.

    Most of the incandescent bulbs and holiday incandescents you have grown to love are still available. If you prefer these bulbs - we are happy to help. Did you know that 90 percent of the electricity used in an incandescent bulb is turned into heat. That explains why they get so hot and it's also why incandescent bulbs are not considered efficient. When selecting the right incandescent you can still correlate watts to lumens. We recommend looking at lumens first and then matching that number to the desired watts. A 100 watt bulb should produce around 16oo lumens and a 60 watt should produce 800 lumens.

    If you love an incandescent light bulb it is most likely because you grew used to the warm, inviting glow. The incandescent glows at 2700 Kelvin and if ever do switch to LED we recommend between a 2400-2700 Kelvin to match the ambiance. If you need more light you can increase the wattage or change to higher kelvin temperature. In summary the incandescent light bulb is NOT banned or removed from the market. They may seem harder to purchase or find due to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which changed the way light bulbs are manufactured. They required manufacturers to produce more lumens while using less watts. Light Bulbs today are more efficient and you do see numerous options to control the color temperature. Some incandescents have been phased out of production by certain manufacturers so if you can't find what you are looking for, just ask.

    Thanks again for listening and if you have any questions just call a lighting specialist at GoodBulb 1.701.205.4953 and please share your moonshine.

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    Tom Enright

    • 2700 Kelvin:standard color temperature of an incandescent
    • Lumens and Watts:look at number of lumens first
    • Thomas Edison:Did not invent the light bulb
    • Humphrey Davy:first investigated basic idea of light
    • Over 115 Years:How long the Centennial bulb has been burning

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