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Finding the right lighting for your home classroom

Lightbulbs that make homeschoolers happy

Families around the nation are settling into a (strange) new school year — including our team at GoodBulb. Here in Fargo, ND, our classes are partially in the classroom and partially at home so we’re getting creative with entertaining the kids. For example, here are GoodBulb founder Tom Enright’s kids learning about entrepreneurship in our office:

Oh, and can’t forget Winnie peeking in!

The change in schedule has everyone — still — at home. What you may not realize is the impact the lighting in your home has on the learning environment. Dim, yellow lighting might feel cozier but could lead to distracted kids and vision strain. But get this — there are ways to create a better learning environment at home by simply switching out a few bulbs!

We asked GoodBulb Lighting Expert Adam Fugleberg to share his pro-tips on lighting for at-home classrooms. At first Adam, a father of two, sent this:

“Perfect for Homeschooling” he said.

When it comes to lighting support, Adam had ideas as well. Here are a few lightbulb recommendations we have for creating the best at-home learning environment for your kids (and you!).

Warmer, Home-Chillin’ Environment

For a warmer, more relaxed environment, we recommend this little beauty:

Bright School Classroom Lighting

Looking to replicate the clean, bright light of the classroom? This bulb is used in classrooms across the country. Take a look:

Brighter than School Classroom Lighting

Not bright enough? Keep your kids (and yourself) awake and attentive with this bright beauty!

Brighter than School Lighting — Recessed Can Fixture

Perhaps you have can lighting in your kitchen or living room. Here is a recessed can fixture that has the same bright, classroom light:

Warm, Mellow Lighting — Recessed Can Fixture

For warmer lighting in a can fixture format, this bulb is your best bet.

All of these are available to order directly from GoodBulb. And every time you buy with GoodBulb, you are supporting a small business with a mission to Be Good and give back to our community and the world. Your light is providing solar light to places without electricity! 


How many homeschoolers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Looking for a teachable moment? Take your kids through the process of figuring out which lightbulb you need, how electricity works, and why different lightbulbs emit different light! Who knows, you might even learn a few helpful things yourself.

Here are a few resources for this:

Other Frequently Asked Questions (this one covers ALL your bases)

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with creating your home classrooms! If you’d like to learn more or ask any questions on lighting (or wine) recommendations, we’re happy to talk. Call us at 701-205-4953.