75MR16 - EYJ - 24 degree - Light Star

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  • SKU: GB74359
  • Wattage: 75
  • Volts: 12
  • MPN (Part No.): GB74359
  • Base Code: GU5.3


Hello Halogens.  It's been a long time.  You have always been my friend except for those few times where I thought you might have burned a hole through my finger.  I used to sell light bulbs door to door throughout the ChicagoLand area and changing these bulbs was the worst - especially if they had just been burning.  WOW they can get hot.  I actually tried to change an MR16 in a hair salon, I think it may have been my first week in the business.  I tried to act cool, nervous, very green to the job - saying it won't hurt - Back then I had no idea.  I grabbed a napkin and started to pull out that MR16 and within seconds that napkin was smoking.  I jumped and may have screamed a bit - The lady who owned that saloon was so nice and just started laughing.

I feel like Halogen bulbs are very similar to the lunch I had today.  My wife made me Ratatouille which is this delicious plant based vegetable hot dish with eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, peppers and whatever else she put in there.  She's a really good cook and all the vegetables had been grown in our garden.  You could not have a healthier, more delicious lunch that is so good for the body.  I decided to leave the Ratatouille in the fridge and drove to the Border Town Grill and ordered a half pound Breakfast Burger covered in barbeque sauce with a side of deep fried french fries and a Coors Light.  I ate a Halogen for lunch and wow it was good and the Beer was cold - but it wasn't really good for me.  Yes we all know LEDs are better for the environment, last longer and save so much energy.  We know that we should be using LEDs instead of Halogens but sometimes you just need a burger and a beer.  You have grown used to your halogens and you love the way they look in certain applications.  I understand, No judgement here and I am happy to help.

Some fun facts about Halogen lighting.  Let's be honest the Electric light was one of the greatest inventions ever and changed the way we live our lives. You would have never guessed this but the biggest difference between Halogen Bulbs and Incandescent bulbs is that a Halogen uses Halogen Gases.  Sorry - It's so obvious I had to drag that out.  The surface of a halogen light bulb can reach temperatures over 500 degrees and I'm starting to wonder why we never used Halogen bulbs in an easy bake oven.  They generate so much more heat than a 60 watt incandescent.  Some of the first Halogen bulbs for commercial use were introduced to the market in 1959.  Some of the most common applications had been projectors, head lamps for vehicles and studio lighting.

Thanks again for listening and if you have any questions just call a lighting specialist at 1.701.205.4953 and please share your favorite cheat meal - I'm getting hungry again.

Your Friend

GoodBulb Founder

Tom Enright

  • Efficient Lighting:when compared to an Incandescent
  • Little Hot Spots:generate tons of heat - Do Not Touch
  • Extreme Brightness:These little bulbs can generate a ton of light
  • Direction:great control with beam angles
  • Light Quality:a crisp white light

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